Peregrine Island
Map PeregrineIsland

Hero City Zone (41-50)

Trainers: Castle
TF Contacts: none
Events: none
Exploration Badges: Portal Parter
Plaques: Academic I
Enemies: Carnies, Circle of Thorns, Devouring Earth, Malta, Nemesis, Rikti
Connecting Zones: Firebase Zulu, Talos Island, Rikti War Zone
Transits: none
Peregrine Island at

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  • Aquarius Medical Center
  • Bayside Docks
  • Curry Cove
  • Cutlass Isles
  • Mera Heights
  • Nelson Borough
  • Portal Court
  • Poseidon Square
  • Tempest Quay

Exploration Badges Edit

Badge tourist 01 Portal Parter

This R&D facility suffered one too many accidents and has since fallen into ruin.

Location: In the SW corner there is a small lonely island. The only thing on it is a tower for high-tension wires and a badge. Walk about 36-40 feet east of the tower's platform.

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