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Base Arcane Personal Storage Vault


A unique item among base item bins. Unlike its relatives, this bin is per character, and only the character that put salvage in it can take it out. At the same time, this is also the only base item that allows invention salvage to be placed within itself, thus restricting supergroups from collecting and trading any such salvage. As a characters security levels increase, so does the small amount of salvage that this bin will allow the characters to hold.

For most of the time this item was in Issue 9's testing phase, this item was called Personal Storage Locker, and was later renamed the week before it went to live server. The graphic for this item was also changed from a techno 80s sci-fi traffic cone, to one of two vault doors.


Base Arcane Personal Storage Vault

Personal Storage Vault

BI TechWorkshop Personal Storage Vault

Personal Storage Vault

An access point to your personal storage lockers for Invention Salvage.

Additional Information[]

Price: 100000 prestige
Power/Control Requirements: 5 / 5
Allowed Auxiliary Items: No

This item is placed on the wall.

Quantity Table[]

As your level goes up, so does the amount of storage space you're allowed to have.

Vault Storage Capacity
1 3
2 4
3 8
4 15
5 - 35 30
36 32
37 34
38 36
39 38
40 - 44 40
45+ 50


  • Badges that increase personal salvage storage do not increase the amount of space in your Personal Storage Locker.
  • While similar to a base bin, this item is not one and will not function if the base rent has not been paid causing the power to be cut.
  • This base item links to the Vault Reserve.

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