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/pet_select_name pet_name

Selects a pet from the pet list based on the first closest match to the pet's name. The pet name can be truncated.


  • pet_select_name Phantasm for Illusion Controllers.
  • pet_select_name Sing for Gravity Controllers.
  • pet_select_name "Grave Knight" Selects the closest Grave Knight (if you haven't renamed them yet).
  • pet_select_name 1 Selects the closest pet that has the number 1 in their name. For Masterminds, unrenamed pets. For Fire Controllers, their first Fire Imp. (And when Illusion Controllers have their Decoys out).

Common Uses[]

When Masterminds first summon their henchmen, selecting their pets and upgrading them can be a tedious task. Having binds or macros to select the pet and then activate the upgrade power can speed up the process (and drain your endurance).

  /petcom commands Sends commands to your current pet.
  /petcom_all commands Sends commands to all pets.
  /petcom_name pet_name commands Sends commands to named pet.
  /petcom_pow power_name commands Sends commands to pets summoned by named power.
  /petsay message Current pet says the message.
  /petsay_all message All pets say the message.
  /petsay_name pet_name message Named pet says the message.
  /petsay_pow power_name message Pets summoned by named power says the message.
Naming your pet
  /petrename name Rename your current pet.
  /petrename_name name Rename the named pet.
  /pet_select integer Selects a pet from the list, starting with 0 at the top.
  /pet_select_name pet_name Selects the named pet.
  /inspexec_pet_name petname inspiration Gives an inspiration to the named pet.
  /inspexec_pet_target inspiration Gives an inspiration to the targeted pet.