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Slash Command[]

/petcom_all commands

commands will be sent to all pets. There can only be one Stance, one Action or both. If two Stances or two Actions are attempted then the command will fail.


  • PetCommand Stance Aggressive Aggressive - Attack everything in their Perception range, or that attacks you or any of your other pets.
  • PetCommand Stance Defensive Defensive - Retaliate to attacks made against you or any of your other pets.
  • PetCommand Stance Passive Passive - Will not attack unless specifically told to.


  • PetCommand Action Attack Attack - Attacks your currently selected target, regardless of Stance. Automatically switches to Follow after all nearby hostile targets are defeated.
  • PetCommand Action Follow Follow - Follow you.
  • PetCommand Action Stay Stay - Hold position. Will move a short distance from that spot if in Aggressive or Defensive mode and attacking.
  • PetCommand Action Goto Goto - Gives you a targeting reticule to select a spot on the ground. Pets continuously attempt to move to that spot. Similar rules to Stay.
  • PetCommand Action Dismiss Dismiss - Causes the pet(s) to disappear from the pet window. Henchmen and other summoned pets immediately despawn. Heavies and Turrets in Recluse's Victory hang around.


  • PetCommand ConflictingCommand This icon is displayed in the pet window when two or more pets that fall under the same power are given different commands . This does not indicate an error. It is simply informational.



  • /petcom_all Aggressive
  • /petcom_all Follow
  • /petcom_all Defensive Stay
  • /petcom_all Goto Passive


/petcom_all Passive Aggressive

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