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Grants Ouroboros Missions

This Control Aux item is placeable only in control rooms and allows access to all flashback story arcs that the Pillar of Ice and Flame does at the Ouroboros Citadel. Both tech and arcane versions of this item are identical.

Some in-game text refers to this item as an "Aspect of the Pillar." This term applies to the smaller crystals in Ouroboros, as well as this base item. This refers to the fact that the largest Pillar of Ice and Flame in Ouroboros is the only true pillar and the base item is only a small shadow of it.


The Aspect of the Pillar allows access to the temporal network of Ouroboros' Pillar of Ice and Flame, allowing you to revisit the past and try your hand at missions you have out leveled.

Using the Pillar of Ice and Flame[]

Anyone at least level 25 can access the list of available story arcs and missions. Some are single missions, but most are entire story arcs. A star appears to the left of each mission or story arc that you have already finished as a flashback.

Because flashback missions count as a task force, everyone on your team must be on the same map before you can take the mission. By placing a Pillar in your base, you can start a flashback mission with team members too low in level to enter Ouroboros.

This also provides an easy way to gain access to Ouroboros. Use this version of the Pillar to complete any flashback arc and you will receive the Ouroboros Portal temp power, even if you are level 1 at the time.

Once a flashback mission is taken, the mission owner can use the Pillar to teleport to the contact who would have normally given the mission. The rest of the team will have to find their way there on their own.

Additional Information[]

Price 50,000 prestige
Control Consumed 15
Crafted at Not Crafted

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