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Pocket D
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Co-op City Zone (all)

Trainers: none
TF Contacts: none
Events: none
Exploration Badges: Big Time, Trucker
Plaques: none
Enemies: none
Connecting Zones: Kings Row, Faultline, Talos Island, Founders' Falls

Port Oakes, Sharkhead Isle, St. Martial

Transits: none
Pocket D at


Pocket D is a first rate night club spanning multiple dimensions. It is maintained by DJ Zero. Pocket D is a no-fire zone where Heroes and Villains can mingle safely. Pocket D opened up after the hero-only Paragon Dance Party shut down.

Apart from the Rikti War Zone and Cimerora, Pocket D is one of the only other zones in which Heroes and Villains can team together. Several special events have introduced special missions that could be run by mixed teams of heroes and villains, including a few missions that required teammates from both sides.

The Tiki Room and the Ski Chalet are both located in Pocket D. The Tiki Room can only be accessed by Pocket D VIP Gold Club Members, and the Ski Chalet is only accessible during special events.

Pocket D also features the Monkey Fight Club, Arena terminals, and a branch of the Vault Reserve.


Pocket D has been a key location during several special events.

Valentine's Day Event 2006
During the 2006 Valentine's Day Event, Pocket D introduced three new contacts (Ganymede, Scratch, and DJ Zero) who were seeking the aid of heroes and villains for special missions. During these missions, heroes and villains could team together for the first time ever.
Second Anniversary Event
Pocket D was the site of the Second Anniversary Event's "Silver Age Party" on April 28, 2006. All characters were awarded a token to allow them to don a costume to pay homage to the Silver Age of comic books.
The farewell party for the widely admired CuppaJo had several events in Pocket D, including the CuppaCloning costume contest.
Winter Event 2006
The 2006 Winter Event introduced the Ski Chalet, from which Father Time asked both heroes and villains to save Baby New Year. Heroes and villains could team together for his missions.
Valentine's Day Event 2007
The 2007 Valentine's Day Event brought back Ganymede and Scratch. Once again, heroes and villains could team together for the special missions given by Ganymede, Scratch, and DJ Zero.
Third Anniversary Event (Training Room Only)
The Test Server's Pocket D was the site of the Third Anniversary Event's Official Party on April 27, 2007, with a costume theme of "Secret Identity". During the party, the Ski Chalet was opened.





None at this time.

Notable NPCs[]



  • Bartenders
    • Some bartenders sell inspirations. One interesting point is that they are one of the few places to buy inspirations while engaging in a strike/task force, along with a base Auto-Doc or Arena Stores.
  • Arena Stores


During the Valentine's Day Event 2006 and 2007, there were two bartenders in Pocket D, who sold temporary powers.


The following badges can be found in Pocket D:

Winter Event 2006 introduced an exploration badge that can only be accessed when the Ski Chalet is in season.

Badge tourist 01.png Trucker

You've visited the floating truck in Pocket D.

Issue 8 added Pocket D Monkey Fight Club as a possible arena match location. In this particular arena there is an exploration badge, Cage Fighter.

Badge tourist 01.png Cage Fighter

Fighting in a nice big arena is one thing, but fighting in a cage is completely... different. Only the strong survive a cage match.

The Monkey fight club area also includes:

Badge tourist 01.png Big Time

The 'Fambly', as Joe Young would call them, had been dipping their fingers into the RMFC for some time. As luck would have it, DJ Zero offered Joe and Cornelius a chance to expand their business venture. The Monkey Fight Club Arena and Pocket D are a one-two punch that will certainly be a knockout!

Transfer Points[]

Pocket D connects to the following locations:


Teleportation Teleport.png Dampening Field -Teleport
You are being affected by a Dampening Field. It seems unlikely you could teleport.
  • As of August 16, 2006, Teleporting is no longer allowed in Pocket-D.
    • This does not apply to the Ski Chalet area which is outside of the Dampening Field.
    • The entry way passage connecting either sides doors to the elevators leading to the dance floor are also exempt.
    • Pets (Powerset or Temporary Powers) and Henchmen set to aggressive near one of the corners of the dance floor in the main room of Pocket D will attack an invisible, invincible entity rumored to be the source of the dampener.
      • The exact coordinates of the source of the dampening field are - POS (-236.5, 0, -900.5), the npc generating it is named Dampening Field, and uses a model called NPC Puddle, it has 110 hp.
      • Virtue Server uses Pocket D as a common roleplaying spot.