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Polly Cooper
Contact Polly Cooper 01
Civil Air Patrol Coordinator
Zone Talos Island
Coordinates (280, 160, 6230)
Level Range 20-24
Introduced by Detective Davids
Introduces Eliza Thorpe
Enemy groups Badge villain lost The Lost

Polly Cooper is a City of Heroes contact located in the New Thebes neighborhood of Talos Island at coordinates (280, 160, 6230). Polly Cooper is a Science origin contact. Her level range is 20-24.


Contact Introduced By[]

New Contact(s)[]

Eliza Thorpe from the Missing Persons Bureau has asked to see you. She could really use your help with the Devouring Earth and the Rikti. She needs to know what part they may be playing in the disappearance of Paragon City citizens. She has access to Training Enhancements.

Eliza will work very hard to help you. She is extremely dedicated to returning Paragon City to the hands of the people who live here.


Civil Air Patrol Coordinator

Once the Civil Air Patrol helped defend America's skies by watching the clouds for enemy aircraft. Modern radar and high flying jets ended that role, but the rise of the flying super-powered criminal has brought it back with a vengeance. The Paragon City Civil Air Patrol consists of a few full time employees like Polly Coper and a host of volunteers throughout the metropolitan area. They take turns watching the skies for flying robots, villains, strange aircraft, alien attack pods, demonic winged creatures, and all other threats. Polly Cooper's job is to coordinate those reports and pass them on to the appropriate authorities. As often as not, that means freelance heroes who have the time and expertiese to handle such threats. Polly's network of watchers and volunteers makes her an invaluable resourse for any hero who wants to keep the skies safe for birds and heroes alike.

Initial Contact[]

Missing Initial Contact Dialog



Test the Genetic Restabilizer on the Lost[]


SERAPH came up with some gizmo they want you to test on the Lost. It's called a Genetic Restabilizer, and it should affect the Lost's destabilized gene structure. What do you say? Ready to take on the Lost in the name of science?

I'll never give up hope that we may someday be able to help the Lost.

Temporary Power

The hero will receive the Genetic Restabilizer temporary power.

Temporary GeneticRestabilizer Genetic Restabilizer Ranged, Foe Hold
This device can stop mutations and even begin a reversal of the process in certain cases. The effect, however, can temporarily render a victim helpless and unable to defend himself. The Genetic Restabilizer has 12 charges.

Mission Objective(s)

Here's the Genetic Restabilizer. Be careful out there.

  • Try Genetic Restabilizer on Lost
    • Defeat 20 Lost


Thanks for this data. Maybe now SERAPH will be able to figure out what has happened to make the Lost change so drastically.

Get the records[]


The secretive Lost have been scavenging Rikti technology and selling it to the highest bidder. The government has declared all sales of Rikti tech illegal, but that's not enough to deter the more ruthless corporations from buying it. Bringing the buyers to justice has been all but impossible, since the Lost work hard to maintain the secrecy of the deals. But I've got a tip on a hideout where the Lost are keeping some records. I just need a brave hero to go in and get them.

Those records could really help us stop the trade in illegal Rikti Technology

The long shadows give this old warehouse a spooky feeling.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat Lost leader and his crew
    • 5 files to collect


Badge villain lost The Lost

Notable NPCs

  • None
Icon clue generic
The files contain information on the Lost's sales of scavenged Rikti technology. Several of the Lost's buyers are listed by name.


You handled that one well. I'll make sure that all of the evidence gets to the right people. The Rikti nearly destroyed the world, and even the technology they left behind has all kinds of dangerous traps built into it. Greedy people will do anything to get ahead, though, even if it means risking their lives and those of their customers. As long as there are heroes like you to stop them, they're going ot have a tough time of it.

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