Portal can refer to one of several things in game. In some instances, it is used to refer to summoning portals, in others, extra-dimensional travel gateways, and even occasionally often circular gateways that teleport you from one area on a map instance to another.

  1. Portal (Banished Pantheon)
  2. Portal (Circle of Thorns)
  3. Portal Corporation
  4. Dimensional Portal
  5. Base Portal
  6. Viewing Portal
  7. Assault Portal
  8. Rikti Portal Generator
  9. Nemesis portal wreckage
  10. Portal Tech
  11. Ouroboros Portal
  12. Hortha Vine
  13. Portal Parter Badge
  14. Portal Jockey Badge
  15. Portal Smasher Badge
  16. Portal Hopper Badge
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