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Your efforts to help Portal Corporation explore the vast multiverse have earned you the title of Portal Jockey. This perk comes with +5 Endurance and +5% Hit Points.

Inherent PowerEdit

Upon acquiring this badge, a hero will earn the Portal Jockey power.

BA Poortal Jockey Portal Jockey Self: +5% Health +5 Endurance
As a Portal Jockey, you have been granted you a permanent increase to your Max Hit Points and Max Endurance by 5%.

How to GetEdit

Obtain the following badges:

Badge tourist 01 Multidimensional Badge   Exploration   Exploration badge in a Tina Macintyre mission
Badge tourist 01 Shrouded Badge   Exploration   Exploration badge in a Maria Jenkins mission
Badge history 01 Scholastic Badge   History   Visit 3 history plaques:
  1. Founders' Falls (1725, -8, 2400)
  2. Brickstown (-229, 8, -370 )
  3. Brickstown (-3463, 4, 2062)
Badge villain praetorians Dimensional Warder Badge   Achievement   Defeat the following Praetorian Earth arch-villains: Anti-Matter, Battle Maiden, Black Swan, Bobcat, Chimera, Diabolique, Dominatrix, Infernal, Malaise, Marauder, Neuron, Nightstar and Siege
NOTE: It is not required to defeat Mother Mayhem, Shadowhunter or Tyrant

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