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Your efforts to help Portal Corporation explore the vast multiverse have earned you the title of Portal Jockey. This perk comes with +5 Endurance and +5% Hit Points.

Inherent Power[]

Upon acquiring this badge, a hero will earn the Portal Jockey power.

BA Poortal Jockey.png Portal Jockey Self: +5% Health +5 Endurance
As a Portal Jockey, you have been granted you a permanent increase to your Max Hit Points and Max Endurance by 5%.

How to Get[]

Obtain the following badges:

Badge tourist 01.png Multidimensional Badge   Exploration   Exploration badge in a Tina Macintyre mission
Badge tourist 01.png Shrouded Badge   Exploration   Exploration badge in a Maria Jenkins mission
Badge history 01.png Scholastic Badge   History   Visit 3 history plaques:
  1. Founders' Falls (1725, -8, 2400)
  2. Brickstown (-229, 8, -370 )
  3. Brickstown (-3463, 4, 2062)
Badge villain praetorians.png Dimensional Warder Badge   Achievement   Defeat the following Praetorian Earth arch-villains: Anti-Matter, Battle Maiden, Black Swan, Bobcat, Chimera, Diabolique, Dominatrix, Infernal, Malaise, Marauder, Neuron, Nightstar and Siege
NOTE: It is not required to defeat Mother Mayhem, Shadowhunter or Tyrant

If you have obtained any of these badges under mixed alignments, it may be necessary to perform another alignment shift to normalize them into a single set.

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