This article is about the developer Matt "Positron" Miller. For the signature character Positron, see Positron.

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Positron aka Matt Miller is a developer for Cryptic Studios. He is currently the lead designer for City of Heroes/Villains.

Matt "Positron" Miller, as he appears in The City Scoop

Background[edit | edit source]

Matt Miller started out in the gaming industry in 1993 at Domark Software (which later became Eidos Interactive) as a game tester and phone support. He worked on many titles at Eidos and left in 1999 when he moved to Southern California to work at Prolific Publishing as a producer. Matt joined Cryptic Studios in 2003 as a mission designer and then a systems designer. After the release of City of Villains, Matt was promoted to Lead Designer.

Positron Character[edit | edit source]

Matt created the Positron character for the Champions Pen & Paper game. When Matt started at Cryptic, he was given an opportunity to place Positron as a signature character into the game.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Positron dislikes clowns. (In a topic suggesting Clowns as a new Mastermind powerset, Positron immediately rejected the idea. It was later learned that he dislikes clowns.)
  • Positron suffers of arachnophobia. (In a topic about this wikipedia entry he corrected an incorrect fear of clowns trivia note and revealed that he suffers of arachnophobia.)
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