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Scirocco showing purple triangles


Purple Triangles (a.k.a. Purple Triangles of Doom)

  1. Refers to a graphic which is a visual cue for a special Mez protection possessed by most Archvillains and Heroes, including those who have been downgraded to Elite Boss status due to a lower Notoriety setting. The triangles appear, pointing upwards, and circle the NPC for a period of time (the triangle up period), during which they have significantly enhanced mez protection; they then appear once, pointing downwards, and disappear for a period of time. As reported by Castle, the mez protection during the "triangles up" period is about 50 magnitude, and covers Hold, Knockback, Confuse, Repel, Disorient, and Terrorize effects, but does not cover Sleep nor Immobilize effects. During the "triangles down" period it is 4 for Archvillains and Heroes, the same as a typical boss, and 6 for Elite Bosses, the same as a regular Elite Boss. Player experiments have measured the "triangles up" period to be 50 seconds, and the "triangles down" period to be 25 seconds. For a short time during Issue 9 testing immobilize protection was added in, since its omission was considered a bug, but the change was removed due to player protest.

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