City of Heroes Wiki

There are currently four Player vs Player Zones available to both Heroes and Villains. When players enter such a zone all Combat Levels are automatically raised or lowered to a specific level for that zone, as long as the players remain outdoors in the open zone. The zones, the levels they are available at and the levels players are raised or lowered to are as follows:

  • Bloody Bay - available at level 15, all players set to level 25
  • Siren's Call - available at level 20, all players set to level 30
  • Warburg - available at level 30, all players set to level 38
  • Recluse's Victory - available at level 40, all players set to level 50

These zones contain normal NPC factions in addition to player Heroes and Villains. Some are Hero or Villain aligned; others will attack any player.