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Rebecca Foss the founder of Hero Corps, a for-profit hero supergroup in Paragon City.

Rebecca Foss was born in London and became wealthy in commercial real estate. In 1992, she was one of the forty richest women in Great Britain. In 1993, she attended the founding of the Valiant Defenders of the Motherland, a post-Cold War Russian hero supergroup. The profit that was made from Valiant Defenders merchandise led her to believe that there could be profits in forming a hero supergroup that charges for its services.

In 1995, Foss founded the first Hero Corps supergroup in Mexico City with Kit Rafter, the original Luminary, and in 2003, after years of protests and even sabotage, Foss opened Hero Corps for business in Paragon City. Among Foss's known business partners is Countess Crey, who provided financial support for Hero Corps to open in Paragon City.

Foss has also spoken publicly in favor of creating a United Nations Special Council on Super Human Activities.