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Through the might of Atlas, one of the greatest heroes of Paragon City's history, you have gained +5 to your maximum Endurance total.

Inherent Power

Upon acquiring this badge, a hero will earn The Atlas Medallion power.

BA Atlas Medallions The Atlas Medallion +5 Max Endurance
Earning The Atlas Medallion has granted you a permanent increase to your Max Endurance by 5.

How to Get

Obtain the following badges:

Badge tourist 01 Top Dog Badge   Exploration   Atlas Park (134, 314, -340)
Badge history 01 Pupil Badge   History   Visit 5 history plaques:
  1. Atlas Park (511, 5, -1151)
  2. Galaxy City (-752, 5, -1550)
  3. Kings Row (-170, -42, -1467)
  4. Kings Row (-400, 4, 1760)
  5. Perez Park (-1174, -29, 2252)
Badge stature 02 Spelunker Badge   Accomplishment   Finish the Rescue Fortune Teller mission
from Dr. Trevor Seaborn, Hugo Redding, Haley Philips, or through the Flashback System.
Badge villain council The Silver Bullet Badge   Defeat   Defeat 200 Council Warwolves
Badge villain council The Slayer Badge   Defeat   Defeat 200 Council Vampyri

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