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Once you were considered a villain, but now you walk the path of the straight and narrow.

How to Get

Defeat 1000 Longbow.


  • This is the Hero version of the Villain Badge.
  • Issue 10 provides a new and much faster way for heroes to obtain this badge. Gaussian's mission: Capture Captain Racer is full of Longbow agents who have been ordered to shut Vanguard down. A large team earn the badge relatively quickly if they avoid the glowing mission objective and reset/repeat the mission.
  • Another way for a Hero to get this badge is for a Villain to confuse them in a PvP zone.
  • The cell doors on certain Longbow PvP zone mission maps also count as Longbow, providng a third, but very slow, way of getting the badge.
In a PvP zone, select the first or third type of door mission.
Enter the mission. You are looking for a map with a prison.
Once you are in the mission if you do a "/whereami" it will tell you the map name you are in. If it ends in a number then a "p.txt" (like "...20p.txt"), you are in a map with a prison. If there is no "p" (like "...20.txt") then no prison.
If the map has no prison, then you need to complete the mission in order to be able to get a different map. Either clear it, or let time run out.
If the map has a prison, each prison door counts for the badge. Head to the prison, defeat all doors, and then reset the mission to get more. Repeat this until the timer runs out.

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