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In general terms, resistance to an effect reduces its potency but does not make it less likely to occur.

  1. Resistance to damage reduces the amount of damage suffered. Tankers and Brutes can get up to 90% resistance to any type of damage, Kheldians can get up to 85% resistance to any damage type, and all other archtypes can get up to 75% damage resistance to any damage type.
  2. Resistance to a debuff reduces the amount of the debuff.
  3. Resistance to knockback reduces the knockback distance.
  4. Resistance to a Status Effect causes that status to wear off faster.
Note: Many powers are described in the game as providing Resistance to knockback or status effects when they actually provide Protection.


Resistances to damage and debuffs follow the formula

SufferedAmount = AppliedAmount × (100% – TotalResistance)

For example, 75% resistance to fire damage would stop 75% of all fire damage that hostile powers try to apply to a character, allowing only 1/4 of it to affect him or her.

Resistance to status effects follows a different formula:

SufferedDuration = AppliedDuration / (100% + TotalResistance)

So 75% resistance to Sleep duration, for example, would not cause all Sleeps to affect the character for only 1/4 of their normal durations. Their durations would be divided by 1.75, which is roughly only a 43% reduction.

More importantly, the formula means that achieving 100% or more resistance to effect durations does not cause them to end instantly. 100% resistance actually only cuts their durations in half. That is currently the best reduction that can be achieved due to maximums on mez resistance. If higher values were possible, 200% would cut it to a third, 300% would cut it to a fourth, and so on.

Enemy Resistances[]

Enemies resist damage like players do, but resist a Status Effect based on the magnitude of the effect.