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Added in issue 7 as the main component of that issue's base additions, the SG banners come in two different types and can be placed in bases in several different ways. There are infact 3 different sizes of banners, small medium and large. The small is found only on the stands, and the large, as a wall item. The medium size is useable for both.

Types and Pricing

stuff here about arcane and tech styles (rods for the wall hanging, wood vs metal for the stands)

Different Patterns

(Note: Gallery shots of the 12 different patterns needs to go here with marking for which is which)

Alternate Banners

Normally, the SG banners display the supergroup's emblem using the group's official colors. It is possible to place banners with different emblems and/or colors.

  • Change your supergroup emblem or colors in the SG setup screen
  • Place a new banner - be sure to use a different pattern than any banners you may have already placed
  • Change your SG emblem and colors back
  • Note: If you ever place a new banner with the same pattern as the one with the 'alternate' emblem, it and all other matching banners will revert to your real SG emblem.

The newly-placed banner will have a different emblem! This is useful for creating Coalition meeting rooms or having different themed banners for different rooms in the base.

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