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Savage Melee is a melee power set that will be available to scrappers, tankers, brutes, and stalkers.


Tear at your foes with deadly animalistic attacks that primarily inflict Lethal damage and cause additional damage over time. Savage Strike, Maiming Slash, Vicious Slash and Savage Leap all grant stacks of Blood Frenzy. Each stack of this buff grants a small damage buff and endurance cost discount. You may have up to 5 stacks of Blood Frenzy active at a time. Blood Frenzy can be maintained, or it can be consumed to empower Shred, Rending Flurry, Blood Thirst and Hemorrhage. Using one of these consumers while you have 5 stacks of Blood Frenzy offers an additional benefit to these powers, but will also leave you Exhausted for a short time. While Exhausted you cannot build Blood Frenzy.

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