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Refers to a player character whose Archetype is Scrapper or Controller that utilizes their powers in a manner that would appear more like the other Archetype. Most commonly describing Controllers who plays in melee range because their powers buff them better than if they were far away, or merely for concept. Also describes a Scrapper who uses the status effects of some of their powers to greater effect than most.

Common Controller Scraptrollers[]

  • Illusion Control/Kinetics: Kinetics' buffs are ideal for melee. May take Air Superiority, Jump Kick, and/or Flurry to supplement Illusion's 2 attacks.

Common Scrapper Scraptrollers[]

  • Dark Melee/Dark Armor: Has access to 2 Fear based powers, Fear is one of the least resisted status effects.
  • Martial Arts: Has access to 3 Stun/Disorient powers, able to stun bosses for good lengths of time. Also has 2 Knockback/Knockdown powers that can be supplemented by Air Superiority.
  • Katana: Several Knockback/Knockdown attacks prevent foes from attacking.