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(The scroll seems to be currently under the Banished Pantheon ownership)


The Scroll of Tielekku is an ancient papyrus scroll with the image of the goddess Tielekku seated on a throne of gold surrounded with pictograms. It tells the story of a prehistoric war between two pantheons of gods, a great alliance of man’s first gods and a coalition of twisted gods who fed on death. It goes on to tell how the goddess Tielekku first harnessed the power of magic, taught it to other gods and mortals, and used her power to trick and defeated the evil pantheon, banishing them to the spirit world. The scroll gives instructions for contacting Tielekku herself should the pantheon she banished ever return to trouble the living world. Finally, it warns that this knowledge should never fall into the Banished Pantheon's hands, for they could use it to trap Tielekku and devour her.(1)

The in-game description pretty much tells everything you can say about this item. This scroll is the main item in the story arc "The Scroll of Tielekku" in City of Heroes.


In game

  • City of Heroes
    • Mission: Recover the scroll from the Warriors (The Scroll of Tielekku Story Arc)
    • Mission: Recover the scroll (The Scroll of Tielekku Story Arc)
  • City of Villains
    • Mission: Steal Scroll of Tielekku

In comic book

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In novels


Other sources (Pen and Pencil game, Trading Cards game, etc...)

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  • 1: Mission: Recover the scroll (The Scroll of Tielekku Story Arc)

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