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The Secure Teleport Room is the largest Transportation Room a Group can purchase out of the six Transportation Room sizes available.

The Secure Teleport Room measures 5x5 grids and has a cost of 1,350,000 Prestige.

This room allows two (2) Battery Base Items to provide backup power.

Note: Hidden Base Plots allow the placement of one (1) Battery Base Item. A Secure Base Plot must be used to place two (2) Battery Base Items.

Four (4) Defensive Base Items can be placed in this room.


Title Secure Teleport Room
Description Teleporters and beacons can be placed in this room. Moderate defenses can also be placed here.
Price 1 350 000
Dimensions 5x5
Defense 4
Defense Aux Unlimited
Battery 2
Teleport 8
Teleport Beacons Unlimited
Anchor 1
Decorative Unlimited

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