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Zone Steel Canyon
Coordinates (-1938, -189, -3126.5)
Level Range 20-50
Enemy groups Badge villain tsoo Tsoo

Serge is a City of Heroes contact located in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Steel Canyon at coordinates (-1938, -189, -3126.5). Serge is a Tailor contact. Serge can be found inside the Icon store, and is the contact for the first costume mission.



Serge has been doing costume designs for Heroes in the Los Angeles area for almost a decade. When Icon opened up their doors in Paragon City, Serge made sure he was at the top of the list for transfers.


Defeat Tsoo to protect Icon store[]


I was wondering if you could do me a favor. The Tsoo have been asking for protection money from this store, but we can't make this week's payment. Perhaps you could send a message to the Tsoo, by arresting some of their thugs. Maybe then we can get them to stop shaking us down. If you do this favor for me, I can reward you with an extra outfit that you can change into.

You can find the Tsoo all over Talos Island.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Protect Serge from the Tsoo
    • Defeat 30 Tsoo

The Tsoo get the idea. They will leave Serge and his shop alone now.


Badge villain tsoo Tsoo


Thank you! The Tsoo won't be coming around here anymore knowing that you have our backs. Lets get that extra outfit made up for you now!

You seem like a hero ready to make a change of outfit, and I am the one who can help you.


  • Serge's mission will only appear after a hero reaches security level 20.
  • This is the first of three costume missions that open up a new costume slot for your hero. After completing all three missions, a hero may have a maximum of four costumes available and can switch back and forth by using the /cc command.
  • Beginning with the Halloween Event 2006 and again with Halloween Event 2007 heroes and villains were able to collect special Salvage that could be turned in to Annah in Croatoa on the hero side and Granny Beldam on the Nerva Archipelago . This salvage allowed heroes at any skill level to open up an additional costume slot bringing their maximum to five. The salvage was only obtainable as a reward by trick or treating during the event however heroes and villains can purchase it at Wentworth's or on the Black Market and open that additional slot.
  • Immediately after accepting Serge's mission and exiting the Icon store, a group of Tsoo will ambush the hero.

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