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You have allowed these Tsoo to fight for you.

How to Get

The Serpent Red Ink Man Gladiator Badge is obtained by defeating 125 Blue Ink Men.


Blue Ink Men are the level 30+ minions for the Tsoo enemy group. Villain side this is not a problem, as there are Tsoo missions at high levels, and there are level 30+ Tsoo all over several neighbourhoods of the St. Martial zone.

Hero side this badge is trickier. Normal Tsoo missions stop around level 25.

Prior to Issue 8 the only real option for getting this badge was to street hunt the Blue Ink Men in the Siren's Call PvP zone. This option still exists.

Issue 8 has added two new sources for level 30+ Tsoo.

First, scanner missions in Talos, and possibly IP, give Tsoo missions. Since these missions can be run by player up to level 30, it is possible for a level 30 character, or a level 28 or 29 character with an increased difficulty setting, to generate scanner missions full of Blue Ink men. These missions are then farmable, but the levels required to generate them are fairly narrow.

Second, the Tsoo is one of the enemy groups on the Talos Safeguard Mission. As this is the level 30-34 Safeguard, all Tsoo minions generated for these missions should be Blue Ink men. This is a bit tricky to farm, and a complete explanation is in the Safeguard Mission page. Basically, defeat the bank robbing spawn, but leave at least one guard. Then the mission can be reset as desired.

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