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This otherworld has been overshadowed by corrupting magic.


One of two high level CoH exploration badges that are actually awarded as if they were mission badges. (The other is Multidimensional) Shrouded is awarded for completing a specific mission given out by Maria Jenkins or Steven Sheridan. It is possibly a bug, but one of Harvey Maylor's missions and Colleen Nelson's mission "Destroy Olanto and his team" also award this badge.

5/28/19 best way to get this badge is through ouroboros select mission list (hero of the city) then 1.17 (The Black Shroud dimension. You don't need to take down Nightstar to earn this badge: it is awarded after a random period of time while on the map, or will be rewarded immediately if you leave the map.

Badge bughunter 01 Bug! Currently this badge is bugged, and is being awarded simply for entering and spending a short amount of time on the correct map.


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