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Silver Mantis

Silver Mantis

Silver Mantis is an Arch-Villain who serves as Black Scorpion's lackey in the Arachnos faction.


Tamura Shirai is fascinated with the smooth, sleek feel of metal. Funding the augmentation of her body to pure metal was an expensive proposition, however, so she tuned to crime. During one of her robberies, she encountered Black Scorpion, on a job for Lord Recluse. Tamura realized an opportunity when she saw it, and rather than fighting with Arachnos over the ill-gotten loot, formed an alliance that has lasted unto this day.


Heroes face her in the following missions:

Villains face her in the following missions.


During the Expel Arachnos from the Circle base mission:

Combat start: How dare you to oppose me!

During the Capture Dr. Aeon mission:

Before combat: Scorpion is going to owe me a lot for babysitting this nerd.

Combat start: C'mon, heroes! I'll take you all at once!

At 75% Life: Mmmmm! You hurt me so good!

At 50% Life: The pain! The anger! Yes! You really know how to treat a girl!

At 25% Life: Oh yes! OH YES! This is a battle!

Defeated: That's it...
I'm spent
Take the code, you earned it.

After defeating a hero: Done already? I hoped you'd last...longer.


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