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Skyway City
Map SkywayCity.jpg

Hero City Zone (10-19)

Trainers: Mynx
TF Contacts: Synapse
Events: Troll Rave
Exploration Badges: Dauntless, Healing Node, Purifier, Solace
Plaques: Disciple II, Just Said No to Superadine III, Scholar IIIII
Enemies: Clockwork, Lost, Trolls
Connecting Zones: Atlas Park, Bloody Bay, Faultline, Hollows, Kings Row, Perez Park, Sewer Network, Talos Island
Transits: Green Line, Yellow Line
Skyway City at


Skyway City is one of two common intermediate zones (along with Steel Canyon).


Task Force Contacts[]


Police Band Contacts[]

Regular Contacts[]

Notable NPCs[]

Zone Events[]

  • Periodically, a Troll Rave may spawn in several locations in Skyway City. During these raves, many trolls gather and start to glow, and Supa Trolls spawn nearby. A hero may earn the Dee Jay Badge for defeating enough of the Supa Trolls and the Raver Badge for defeating enough of the raving Trolls.
  • During the Synapse task force, Babbage the Clockwork monster is spawned outside of the warehouse that heroes exit in the penultimate mission of the task force.


  • The Astral District, in the eastern area of the zone, which is a lower-level neighborhood.
  • Aerie Plaza, a relatively safe area which contains the Yellow Line monorail station, Mynx the hero trainer, and Synapse the Task Force contact.
  • The Gruff in the south central part of the zone, a mid-level neighborhood. Note that there is an error in the map that shows The Gruff as two separate sections of the zone, a mid-level neighorhood just below Aerie Plaza and a low-level neighborhood south of the Astral District. In fact, these two areas are one mid-level neighborhood.
  • Hide Park, a small high-level neighborhood in the southeastern section of the zone.
  • LaGrange Medical Center, a safe area that is the hospital of Skyway City.
  • The Land of the Lost, a high-level neighborhood in the southern section of the zone.
  • Vista Plaza in the north end of the zone, which is a lower-level neighborhood.

Exploration Badges[]

Badge tourist 01.png Dauntless

Dauntless was Galaxy Girl's sidekick until he died in battle, defending his mentor with his last breath.

Location: First you have to find the statue of Dauntless which is located on the "upper level of travel" for this town. This is the SE red zone. You'll find Dauntless next to a small park and the badge is about 30 feet in front of his statue.

Badge tourist 01.png Healing Node

The MedCom is the teleportation network that can send fallen heroes directly to the hospital for treatment. This node is the center of the network; the other nodes are on the outskirts of the city.

Location: In the SW red zone is a tall obelisk type of monument. You'll want to be on the lowest level of ground at the base of this monument. Travel to a contact named Vitaly Cherenko and the badge is about 5 feet NE of him.

Badge tourist 01.png Purifier

Defiler, an evil spirit brought forth by the Devouring Earth, was defeated on this spot by Ms. Liberty... with a little help from MAGI.

Location: In the very NE corner of the map at the far border of the yellow zone, you'll find 2 basketball courts frequented by Trolls. The badge is located in between both of these courts at the center court of the pavement.

Badge tourist 01.png Solace

This was the location of Dr. Anguish's secret lab, uncovered by the Freedom Phalanx when he threatened to blow up Paragon City with a black market Soviet nuke.

Location: In the large yellow zone in the west of the map, travel to the lowest level of ground and between 2 dumpsters near a small white delivery truck, you'll find this badge.

Historical Plaques[]


  • The Freedom Corps Basic Training store in the southeastern corner of the Astral District sells level 15 and level 20 training enhancements.

Transfer Points[]

Trivia: Skyway City has more transfer points in and out of the zone than any other zone in Paragon City or the Rogue Isles. There are nine distinct transfer points that a hero can use to get directly to ten different zones.

Villain Groups[]