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This article is about enemies. For the badge, see Sniper Badge.


Snipers are dangerous enemies, as they lie in wait for a Hero or Villain target to present themselves and attack mercilessly. As a subset of "normal" enemies, they have their own "Sniper" designation and unique behavior. Snipers are equivalent to Lieutenants in most ways, including conning as one step higher than their actual level, though they are as accurate as Bosses, and their Perception range is roughly triple that of normal enemies. They are equipped with very long range attacks which are not interruptible like player sniping attacks are. Snipers cannot move on their own -- a fact that can be exploited to draw the rest of their spawn away.

Snipers are usually found alone, outdoors, lying in wait for a target to present themselves. They have very long range and see through stealth easily. As they have long range attacks, will detect and aggro on players from great distances, and are usually in high or hidden locations, they will often only be noticed when they attack players, causing damage from an "unknown" source.

Unlike other villain groups, Nemesis often makes use of Snipers inside missions. It is not uncommon for players to come under fire of several snipers, each hidden inside a different spawn. Thankfully, snipers do not aggro their spawnmates when they open fire.


Some enemies use long range attacks and include the term "sniper" in their names, but are not Sniper-rank enemies and don't share their distinct behaviors. Examples include Family and Mook Hitmen (Lieutenant).