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Souvenirs are mementos that your character keeps after completing various Story Arcs. There is no physical representation of them in the game. To view Souvenirs that your character has obtained, open the clues window and then select the souvenirs tab. You can then expand each souvenir to recall the story of how you obtained them.

Hero Souvenirs[]

Levels 5-9[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
A non-functional Quantum Array Gun The Peace Killers Sunstorm
An Inscribed Crystal An Absence of Shadows Shadowstar

Levels 10-14[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
The Renegade Dossier War and Peacebringers Sunstorm
a copy of Pe@c3w0rM.exe Warshades and Peace Shadowstar
An etched Clockwork Piece The Clockwork Captive Athena Currie
Carla Brunelli
Everett Daniels
Skulls Bandana Bonefire Lorenzo DiCosta
Wes Schnabel
Willy Starbuck
Water Department ID badge The Vahzilok Pollutant Plot Kyle Peck
Jill Pastor
Tristan Caine

Levels 15-19[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
An inert N-Fragment Shadow Science Shadowstar
A battered Video Tape The Rumblings of the Past Jim Temblor
Yin's Market Super-Saver Card 'I lost my Daddy!' Penelope Yin
Damaged Power Source The Mind of a King Wyatt Anderson
Maggie Greene
Jake Montoya
Colleen Saramago
Rage Ampoule The Tsoo Shenanigans Virginia Hoffman
Vitaly Cherenko
Kong Bao
Thao Ku
Hypodermic Needle The Vahzilok Plague Dr. Ann-Marie Engles
Juliana Nehring
Pavel Garnier
Olivia Chung

Levels 20-24[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
A Piece of the Cosmotron Winslowe and the Cosmotron Shadowstar
Captain Indomitable's Uni-Bands The Sky Raider Secret Barry Gosford
John Strobel
Wilson Eziquerra
Justin Greene
Rondel Jackson
Oswald Cuthbert
Hub of the Wheel of Destruction The Wheel of Destruction Dr. Cheng
Piper Irving
Andrea Mitchell
Cain Royce
Josef Keller
Oliver Haak
Iron Hand's Badge A Hand of Iron Wilma Peterson
Andrew Fiore
Claire Childress
Lt. Col. Hugh McDougal
Vic Garland
Jake Kim
Tsoo Dagger The Tsoo Coup Jim Bell
Tyler French
Lt. Manuel Ruiz
Hinckley Rasmussen
Dennis Ewell
Amanda Loomis
The Real Faultline - by Dr. D. Stein The Buried Past Doc Delilah
The PsychoChronoMetron A Faultline in the Sands of Time Agent G

Levels 25-29[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
A Prototype Quantum Weapon Fear and Loathing in Striga Isle Shadowstar
Freaklympics Gold Medal The Freaklympics Marvin Weintraub
Collin Larson
Letter from Requiem Ubelmann the Unknown Ashwin Lannister
Laurie Pennington
The Mysterious General Z The Mysterious General Z Christine Lansdale
Translation of the Scroll of Tielekku The Scroll of Tielekku Miriam Bloechl
Laura Brunetti
Will of the Earth Sample An Unnatural Order Eliza Thorpe
Lorenzo Tate

Levels 30-34[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
Data disc Scary Monsters Shadowstar
Dossier on Victor Samson The Rise of the Vampyri Merisel Valenzuela
Jose Escalante
Note from Akarist The Library of Souls Allison King
Peter Stemitz
Page from Schwartzwald's Notebook The Freakshow War Tina Chung
Neal Kendrick
Sample of the Unity Cure The Unity Plague Jenny Firkins
Lou Pasterelli
Crey Data Disc Corporate Culture Phillipa Meraux

Levels 35-39[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
Letter from Arakhn The Nictus Alliance Shadowstar
The book 'The Rites of the Dark' A Path Into Darkness Colleen Nelson
The Envoy's True Name The Envoy of Shadows Cadao Kestrel
Hamidon's Letter The Terra Conspiracy Ginger Yates
Invisible Falcon's Mask Revenant Hero Project Gordon Stacy
Nemesis Battle Suit Blueprints Mass Duplicity Anton Sampson
Omega Level Clearance Badge The Organ Grinders Steven Sheridan

Levels 35-50[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
Vanguard ID Welcome to Vanguard
The Vanguard Volunteer
A Letter from Agatha Decker The Strange Case of Benjamin A. Decker Levantera

Levels 40-44[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
A Map of Nictus Earth The Nictus Insurrection Shadowstar
A Painting Called Gentlemen of Malta Melvin and the Mysterious Malta Group Indigo
C'Kelkah's ceremonial blade Division: Line Angus McQueen
Julianne's diary The Evil Countess Crey
On the Run
Janet Kellum
Madeleine Casey's pendant To Save a Soul Madeleine Casey
The Face of Nemesis The Eternal Nemesis Maxwell Christopher
Blue Clockwork piece The Praetorian War Tina Macintyre

Levels 40-50[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
A copy of the Traditionalist Peace Accord Dreams of Peace and Acts of War Serpent Drummer

Levels 45-50[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
??? The Final Darkness Shadowstar
Pure Flame To Save a Thousand Worlds Unai Kemen
The thanks of the World Project: World Wide Red Crimson
Vanessa DeVore's mask Upon the Psychic Plane Harvey Maylor
Statesman's face plate A Hero's Hero Maria Jenkins
A Letter of Apology from W.M. Dietrich The Red and the Black Gaussian
A book titled 'The Truth' The Horror of War The Dark Watcher

Discontinued Souvenirs[]

Please note that these souvenirs are ingame still after a fashion, but with the removal of the 5th Column, their storyline has been altered. Older players who did the arcs under the original factions should still have the original text, while players after the change will have been awarded the versions above.

levels 25 - 30, Letter from Requiem, Ubelmann the Unknown 5th Column
levels 30 - 35, Dossier on Victor Sieger, The Rise of the Vampyri 5th Column
levels 35 - 40, The book 'The Rites of the Dark', A Path Into Darkness 5th Column

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