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Souvenirs are mementos that your character keeps after completing various Story Arcs. There is no physical representation of them in the game. To view Souvenirs that your character has obtained, open the clues window and then select the souvenirs tab. You can then expand each souvenir to recall the story of how you obtained them.

Villain Souvenirs[]

Levels 1-4[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
Kalinda's kiss Earning Arachnos' Favor Kalinda
Snake shell fragment The Origins of the Snakes Matthew Burke

Levels 5-9[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
Blechley's Goggles The Council Cargo Angelo Vendetti
Bowler Hat Last Man Standing Billie Heck
Pentagram medallion Give'em Hellion! Billie Heck
Dr. Geist's Test Tube Weird Science Doctor Creed
Snakeskin Boots Snake Uprising Mongoose
The Mask of Mordrogar The Book and the Burning Mr. Bocor

Levels 10-14[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
Vahzilok Scalpel The Vahzilok Conference Dmitri Krylov
Spetsnaz Badge After the Wall Fell Dmitri Krylov
The Skin of Midas Midas Touched Dr. Shelly Percey
Olivia Darque's Ring Breaking Bows Peter Themari
A lock of Pyriss' hair Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge Peter Themari
The Hit List The Hit List The Radio
A fragment from the Spirit World An Arachnos Ghost Story Veluta Lunata
Illicit copy of Malachai's files Power of the Spirit Veluta Lunata

Levels 15-19[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
Golden Hubcap High-Tech Gold Golden Roller
After Action Report The Aeon Conspiracy Marshal Brass
A Bootleg Recording The Aeon Conspiracy Marshal Brass
An old drawing of you Echo Down the Aeons Marshal Brass
Zig Guard Hat Breakout at the Zig Operative Wellman
Sledgehammer Master of Destruction Operative Wellman
A letter sealed with a black kiss Oh, Wretched Man! Seer Marino
Lollipop There's A Sucker Born Every Minute Willy Wheeler

Levels 20-24[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
Scrapyard's Wedding Ring Iron Widow Captain Petrovich
Darkened Crystal Breaking the Cage Crash Cage
Coral Shard Coral Bonanza Crash Cage
Depleted Magical Isotope Disturbing the dead Henri Dumont
Broken Seashell Carpe Diem Lorenz Ansaldo
Ballista Helmet Kings of the Sky Lt. Chalmers
Council Archon Insignia Operation Skyhook Lt. Chalmers
A Longbow codebook A Web of Intrigue Operative Vargas
Rivet Any Body Will Do Vince Dubrowski

Levels 25-29[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
Ancient Mu Relic Forging the Blackwand Archmage Tarixus
Aurora's diadem Aurora Fades Darla Mavis
Fragment of the Mutate-O-Tron Power Mine Darla Mavis
A Fragment of red coral crystal The Cult of the Shaper Diviner Maros
SuperFreak Tracking Device Die by the Freak! Doc Buzzsaw
A Freakstarter Heavy Metal Doctoring Doc Buzzsaw
Bomb Remote Sabotage! Kristof Jaeger
Longbow Service Medal Trust and Betrayal Lt. Demitrovich
Bone Scroll Case On the Trail of the Leviathan Operative Kirkland
Zag Security Badge Zag Breakout! Shadowy Figure

Levels 30-34[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
Mynx's fur Taming the Tigress Crimson Revenant
The Brawler's mask Brawling with the Big Boys Crimson Revenant
Luckless' lucky chip Breaking the Streak Hard Luck
Silver Tongue Silver-Tongued Devil Hardcase
Johnny Sonata Tickets Sold for a Song Hardcase
Luminary's schematics Snuffing the light Operative Rutger
Infernal's axe Into Valhalla Operative Ruger
Inert Nictus Fragment Nictus Dissection Psymon Omega
Aurora Borealis' Tiara Psymon Sez Psymon Omega
A strange casino chip Miss Fortune's Wheel Slot Machine
A letter from Poughkeepsie High Roller's Last Gamble Slot Machine
Rikti embryo Strange Memories Timothy Raymond
Hardcase's warning Chaos Unbound Vivicious Verandi

Levels 35-39[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
Indigo's hair Crossfire Arbiter Leery
Tears of the Spirit No One Gets It Arbiter Leery
'Vote for Wenkler!' button Fat Cat City Basse Croupier
Johnny Sonata Techno-Remix Pied Piper Hardcase
Carnival Party Hat Chaos Affair Hardcase
Jezebel's token Missing Maidens Jezebel Jones
Longbow pin Johnny's Squeeze Jezebel Jones
A signed glossy of Johnny Sonata Devil May Care
I left My Soul in St. Martial
Johnny Sonata
A completed contract Blurring the Lines Kelly Uqua
A disk of false information Blurring the Lines Kelly Uqua
Burned out Spirit Trap The Secret of the Circle Magus Mu'Drakhan
A citation full of commendation A Traitorous History Magus Mu'Drakhan
Your Blueprints Automatic Villany Technician Naylor
Last Stand on Mole Point Bravo Last Stand on Mole Point Bravo Technician Naylor

Levels 35-50[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
Vanguard ID Welcome to Vanguard
The Vanguard Volunteer
A Letter from Agatha Decker The Strange Case of Benjamin A. Decker Levantera

Levels 40-44[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
Lord Recluse's Helmet Time After Time Black Scorpion
Ghost Widow
Captain Mako
Dr. Quatrexin's Armor Fragment Armor Wars Black Scorpion
Black Scorpion's Armor Fragment Chink in the Armor Black Scorpion
A genie's veil A wind called Serafina Scirocco
A page of the Malleus Mundi The Hammer of the World Scirocco
The Sand Riddle Mystic Mayhem Ghost Widow
Daos' Seal Life and Death Ghost Widow
Broken Freedom Corp Badge Killer Instinct Captain Mako
Leviathan's Tooth Chip The Perfect Killing Machine Captain Mako
Arachnos Armored Gauntlet Iron Fist Captain Mako
A Rikti certificate Kuhr'Rekt Diplomacy Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt
Valkyrie's Shoulderguard Kuhr'Rekt Revenge Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt
Positron's Shoulderguard Kuhr'Rekt Revenge Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt
Data disk Apt Pupil Number 204
A Class Syllabus Miss Francine the Freakshow teacher Westin Phipps
A feathered mantle The Rebels Westin Phipps
A rebel helmet The Rebels Westin Phipps
A picture inside Haven House The Bane of the Heart Westin Phipps
Arachnoid Tissue Sample The Arachnoid Cure Terrence Dobbs
Arachnoid Webbing Arachnoid Apetizers Terrence Dobbs
Alter Arachnoid DNA Building a Better Vermin Terrence Dobbs
Sister Isis' goggles Breaking Knives Arbiter Daos
Agent Deathstalker's hat Absolute Vengeance Arbiter Daos
Venom Injector Project Fury Dr. Forrester
Designs for the soul trap Shucking Souls Mage-Killer Zuhkara
Duke Mordragar's cape The Hunt Mage-Killer Zuhkara
Partial list of Mu descendants The Circle's Plot Mage-Killer Zuhkara

Levels 40-50[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
A copy of the Traditionalist Peace Accord Dreams of Peace and Acts of War Serpent Drummer

Levels 45-50[]

Souvenir Story Arc Contact
The Devouring Earth by V. von Grun Von Grun's Science Vernon von Grun
A hermetically sealed capsule The Great Grun Gathering Vernon von Grun
A page from a 3-ring binder Von Grun's Lament Vernon von Grun
An issue of 'Mad Science Weekly' Von Grun's Redemption Vernon von Grun
Agent Indigo's Badge Indigo Hunt Shadow Spider
Crimson Hunt Crimson Hunt Shadow Spider
Vindication Vindication Abyss
Light and Darkness Light and Darkness Abyss
The Code Merlin The Code Merlin Tavish Bell
Vigilante Justice Vigilante Justice Tavish Bell
Snake Talisman Ancient History Operative Grillo
Trapdoor's Tooth Escaped! Operative Grillo
Jewel of Stheno Snake Fest Operative Grillo
An Arachnos Rec Schedule The TV Report Television
A broken boombow Video Killed the Radio Television
A universal TV remote The TV Invasion Television
A blank invitation The Conference of Evil Viridian
??? The Destiny Raids Black Scorpion
The Spirit City of Hequat The Spirit City of Hequat Scirocco
Operation: DESTINY files Brainpower Ghost Widow
??? Iron Fist Captain Mako
Lord Recluse's Helmet Time after Time Black Scorpion
Ghost Widow
Captain Mako
A Letter of Apology from W.M. Dietrich The Red and the Black Gaussian
A book titled 'The Truth' The Horror of War The Dark Watcher

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