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Souvenirs are mementos that your character keeps after completing various Story Arcs. There is no physical representation of them in the game. To view Souvenirs that your character has obtained, open the clues window and then select the souvenirs tab. You can then expand each souvenir to recall the story of how you obtained them.

Task Forces Souvenirs were removed from the game due to bugs, but many have been reinstated with Issue 11. Unfortunately, TFs created during the time when they where absent do not currently have souvenirs linked to their completion. Strike Forces, while having all the text for souvenirs, have never had them actually available to players.

Task Force Souvenirs[]

Souvenir Story Arc Level Range Contact
Dam Piece The Rule of Three 10-16 Positron
Clockwork Part The Fall of the Clockwork King 15-21 Synapse
Sonic Bomb Fragment Clamor and Destruction 20-26 Sister Psyche
Nictus fragment The Kheldian War 23-28 Moonfire
Computer Chip Citadel's Children 25-31 Citadel
Ernesto Hess' Council insignia The MegaMech Cometh 25-30 Ernesto Hess
Note from Hopkins Following Countess Crey 30-35 Manticore
The Soul of the Woodsman Soul of the Woodsman 35-38 Numina
Nemesis portal wreckage Explorers and Exploiters 40-44 Dr. Quaterfield
Legend of Ruladak The Legend of Ruladak 40-50 Sara Moore
Saga of Faathim The Saga of Faathim 40-50 Justin Augustine
Saga of Lanaru The Saga of Lanaru 44-50 Faathim the Kind

Trial Souvenirs[]

Souvenir Story Arc Level Range Contact
Badge of Honor The Heart of the Hollows 12-15 Karsis

Strike Force Souvenirs[]

Joint Task/Strike Force Souvenirs[]

Souvenir Story Arc Level Range Contact
Time's Arrow Time's Arrow 35-50 Imperious
Name Pending >< Name Pending 45-50 The Lady Grey

Discontinued Souvenirs[]

Please note that these souvenirs are in game still after a fashion, but with the removal of the Task/Strike Force that awarded them, are no longer available. Older players who did these will still have the souvenir located with the rest of their collection. In other cases, the contact has had a name change or the primary villain faction involved has been removed, prompting an alteration in souvenir text.

Souvenir Story Arc Level Range Contact
Computer Chip Bastion's Children 25 - 31 Bastion
Soul Orb A Mind in Danger 30 - ? Calvin Scott

Bastion's children is unique in that it was changed twice, the first time was the removal of the 5th Column from the TF to be replaced by the Council, and the second was that the contact himself (along with all clues and references in the missions themselves) had a name change and slight redesign.

A Mind in Danger was a task force that existed for merely one issue before being removed. While short lived and lacking in much to make it memorable, it did progress the game's internal story by causing the return of Sister Psyche who up until that time, had been inhabiting another's body. Additionally, the Souvenir for this series of missions was one that was never automatically granted, and always required petitioning for.

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