St. Martial
Map StMartial

Villain City Zone (29-40)

Trainers: Arbiter Hayes
TF Contacts: Ice Mistral
Events: Ballista
Exploration Badges: Camel Snot, Crimelord, Deuces Wild, Stonekeeper
Plaques: Arachnos Rising II
Enemies: Arachnos, Carnies, Circle of Thorns, Devouring Earth, Dockworkers, Family, Freakshow, Rogue Arachnos, Tsoo, Wailers
Connecting Zones: Grandville, Nerva Archipelago, Pocket D, Rikti War Zone
Transits: Rogue Isles Ferry
St. Martial at

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St. Martial is one of the city zones in City of Villains.

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V badge TourismBadge Crimelord

The weeds of crime bear bitter fruit.

V badge TourismBadge Deuces Wild

Two are wild, but not as wild as you!

V badge TourismBadge Stonekeeper

What strange purpose do these glyphs serve?

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