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Stardusk belongs to the Rogue Isles Villains. She is a Radiation Blast/Radiation Emission Corruptor of presumably Science origin. Her powers make her a veritable powerhouse, capable of one-shotting an even-level minion with her Cosmic Burst, making the rest of the mission incredibly easy. She is also very well-behaved for an AI controlled ally, getting lost rarely and never running out of endurance. However, she tends to use her debuff in a most random fashion.

Villains can find her in Mayhem Missions, as an ally:

Heroes may face her in Safeguard Missions:

  • At the bank of the Steel Canyon Safeguard Mission, where she will be trying to rob it.
  • In the jail of the Steel Canyon Safeguard mission, where the Family will try to free her.


With a tainted soul as dark and twisted as a dying star, this villain warps and weakens any who stands in her way.


During the Steel Canyon Mayhem Mission:

Captured, in her cell:

Badge bughunter 01 Bug! Unfortunately this part seems to be bugged. Stardusk and the guards, unlike other villains, won't say a single word.

Once free: Your aid is appreciated. Let's not dwell on it. I have pain to inflict.

If left behind: This place is a maze. Now where is that exit?

If refound: You certainly took your time, didn't you?

Defeated: This can't be!

During the Steel Canyon Safeguard Mission:

Robbing the bank: Make sure to kill all the hostages when we're done.

Breaking out of prison: Die.

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