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Steel Canyon
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Hero City Zone (10-19)

Trainers: Valkyrie
TF Contacts: Positron
Events: Hellion Arson
Exploration Badges: Bright Star, Hero Corps Recruit, Nimble Mynx, Secret Admirer
Plaques: Disciple I, Just Said No to Superadine III, Scholar I
Enemies: Circle of Thorns, Clockwork, Council, Outcasts, Tsoo, Vahzilok
Connecting Zones: Atlas Park, Boomtown, Independence Port, Perez Park, Sewer Network, Siren's Call
Transits: Green Line, Yellow Line
Steel Canyon at


Once the prosperous jewelers' district in 19th century Paragon City, many of Steel Canyon 's neighborhoods still possess names dating back to that era. The twentieth century, however, brought with it an explosion of finance and investment industry. The once prolific mercantile district transformed overnight as brokerage houses, insurance companies and law firms began taking over real estate. By the 1920's, most companies had erected towering skyscrapers to flaunt their success to the rest of the city. Because these huge buildings loomed over city streets like manmade mountains, the newspapers dubbed the area "Steel Canyon".

This bright era of prosperity, however, possessed a dark side. It was during this period that the Southern United Manufacturing Company relocated its headquarters to Steel Canyon. This huge monopoly stretched its offices over dozens of buildings and quickly dominated the business landscape of Paragon City. Behind closed doors, Southern United exerted considerable pressure on local politicians. Though bribery was the usual form of coercion, the company was not above using blackmail and even physical threats. Southern United was also the main support for the notoriously corrupt, yet strangely popular, mayor James "Spanky" Rabinowitz. Southern United profited mightily during Prohibition by using their transportation resources to smuggle alcohol from Canada.

When Statesman arrived on the scene, his first battles were mostly against the low-level thugs who peddled bootleg liquor in the speakeasies and bars. Soon, however, Statesman realized that a far more powerful organization was behind this illegal liquor industry. Through daring and no small amount of luck, Statesman uncovered the corrupt nature of Southern United.

In the course of Statesman's campaign against Southern United, a far more pervasive threat was uncovered. Southern United was but a front for a far more insidious evil that stretched back more than a century: Nemesis, the Prussian Prince of Automatons. In this first great confrontation between Statesman and Nemesis (many more would follow over the years) Statesman brought down the company that Nemesis was using to gather resources for his personal war against humanity. A bloodied, but unbowed, Nemesis unleashed his legions in the hopes that a sudden attack would give him possession of the city. This tragic day, Monday, July 11, 1932, dubbed by the press as "Brass Monday," witnessed the Prussian Prince's metal-clad troops flooding the streets of Steel Canyon in a show of force not seen since the waning years of the Civil War.

Rallying the authorities, Statesman battled back Nemesis' forces. Eventually, the hero confronted Nemesis himself and forced the villain to retreat. As the first super-powered human to receive massive national exposure, Statesman became the leading symbol of the potential good that super-humans could contribute to society. Police forces became more cooperative towards masked crime-fighters, which in turn led many super beings to use their powers more openly. This growing public support eventually culminated in the passage of the 1936 Citizen Crime Fighting Act.

Today, Steel Canyon remains primarily a financial district, though many jewelers still have their stores in the area. No single villain group has re-gained pre-eminence in Steel Canyon, though many compete for control of this wealthy district. The elemental-based Outcasts, the misshapen Trolls and the Asian Tsoo all wage fierce battles amongst each other for dominance of Steel Canyon. So far, the conflict has resulted in bloody stalemate, though the businesses and residents of the area hope that the influx of new heroes will destroy this threat forever.


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  • Blyde Square
  • Bronze Way
  • Copper District
  • The Fools Gold District
  • Grimry Ridge
  • Platinum Lake
  • Royal Overlook
  • Silver Lake
  • Steel Canyon Medical Center

Exploration Badges[]

Badge tourist 01 Bright Star

The first Luminary used her light-based powers to disrupt the formation of a large portal to the Rikti homeworld on this spot.

Location: In the SW yellow zone, target the Perez Park gate and travel 400 yards NE to an "L"-shaped building which is next to a large marble globe monument to the SW. Go to the roof of the building and get to the short (horizontal) branch of what would make the "L" shape - The buidling is the Right University buidling, the one where the first mission of the university is located. The building looks like 4 separate buildings connected. Another reference point is you will be 278 yards NNW of Alfonse Rubel who is the contact at the southern border of the map.

Badge tourist 01 Hero Corps Recruit

Hero Corps is not only a Corps of people, but also a Corporation, selling their super-powered services to those willing to foot the bill.

Location: At the hospital (which is a safe zone), travel up the front steps and on the right side of the entrance is a Hero Corps. Trainer named Colleen Saramago. The badge is right in front of her.

Badge tourist 01 Nimble Mynx

This spot is where Synapse first found Mynx and began training her.

Location: In the red zone at the NW righton the northern edge of the map. There is a building 152 yards west of the Boomtown entrance. The badge is on the roof frequently in the presence of Clockwork.

Badge tourist 01 Secret Admirer

Before becoming guardian of Croatoa, War Witch shared an apartment here with her roommate Apex.

Historical Plaques[]


  • Cooke's Electronics (technology store)
  • Freedom Corps Basic Training (training store)
  • Icon (tailor)
  • Image Inc. (natural store)
  • Orion Labs (science store)
  • Pandora's Box (magic store)
  • Subgenetics (mutation store)

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