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Submariner Janus
Submariner Janus.png
Submariner Janus
Zone Independence Port
Coordinates (2260, -26, -9305)
Level Range 20-50

Submariner Janus is a City of Heroes and City of Villains contact located in the Industry Pier neighborhood of Independence Port at coordinates (2260, -26, -9305). Introduced in Issue 17, this NPC will feature in the Going Rogue expansion.


Operating in both Paragon City and the Rogue Isles, Submariner Janus can be found on the quay where a submarine is docked. His function is unknown, but in classical mythology, Janus was the dual-faced god of gateways, and therefore of beginnings.

Submarine Hatch (Paragon City)[]

"The submarine in front of you leads to the Rogue Isles. The nefarious denizens of this archipelago of mysterious islands are engaged in a constant battle against one another for a common goal: power. Throughout the Isles, you'll find Villains performing heinous deeds and Rogues who think of no one other than themselves. Are you strong enough to take on the dangers of this city of villains?"

Submarine Hatch (Rogue Isles)[]

"The submarine in front of you leads to Paragon City. Many of the noble and heroic citizens of this fine city fight for a bright a future in which the poeple can live safe, happy lives. Here you will fine both Heroes who combat great evils and Vigilantes who do what they must to maintain the peace. Are you brave enough to face the challenges of this city of heroes?"

Incorrect Alignment[]

"Sorry, buddy. You and I shouldn't really be seen talkin'. You don't want to ruin your rep, ya know? Come back when you've decided to make some 'life choices'. I'd be curious to know how that works out for you."