SuperMod in action!

Name: SuperModerator
Title:A Superpowered Moderator!


The Super Moderator is in fact not a real person but a specialized account created to allow NCsoft Community Representatives and Moderators to edit, lock threads, and interact with the community at large while remaining ambiguous. As this is a special account, it shows up neither in the Community Digest, nor the Dev Digest. This allows any NCsoft employee to post without immediately drawing attention to the thread, allowing a higher level of social activity as well as getting rid of problem threads without drawing the majority of the forums to said thread.

Most posts made using the SuperModerator account are done so for humor in a Hero infomercial style, where the Moderator acts like a super powered being talking to children who are in awe of his amazing powers.

The SuperMod account was founded under Lighthouse's tenure as Community Lead, and has been sparingly used after its founding.


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