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The Super Group Registrars are NPCs that allow characters on VIP accounts to register a new super group, see a list of all super groups, pay rent on their bases, or convert 1 million inf to 2000 prestige.

Hero registrar[]

City Hall Super Group Registration Desk

The Super Group Registrar for heroes and vigilantes can be found in Atlas Park in City Hall. He is just inside the entrance, under the "Super Group Registration" sign, at coordinates (145.5, -768, -691.5).

Villain registrar[]

Port Oakes Super Group Registrar

The Super Group Registrar for villains and rogues is located in Port Oakes. He is located inside the tallest building in the Marconeville neighborhood at coordinates (-889, 112, -886). The entrance is above street level near a long reflecting pool.

Registration Building.jpg


A second hero/vigilante registrar was in Galaxy City inside the Freedom Corp headquarters. His coordinates were (519, -139, -750). He was removed in Issue 21: Convergence.