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Overview Edit

With the introduction of City of Villains and Issue 6 of City of Heroes, super groups now have the ability to build bases, or places where group members may hang out. Bases also have the ability to grant certain bonuses to supergroup members if they contain an Item of Power, which are special items that can only be gained by completing special missions or raiding a base that contains an existing Item of Power and successfully capturing it from the owners. (Items of Power were on the Test Server prior to Issue 7 release, but did not make it to the Live release due to internal errors.)

How to Build a Base Edit

To build a base, a character must first have Base Editing rights in a Group. The option to build a base is given by the Super Group Registrar in the Arachnos Headquarters in Port Oakes for villains and by the Super Group Registrar in the City Hall of Atlas Park or Galaxy City for heroes.

Note: Additions needed:

  • Where to go to start construction
  • Increasing Plot Size
  • Adding Rooms
  • Rotating Rooms
  • Connecting Rooms
  • Adding Items
  • Adding Personal Items
  • Placing Items
  • Blocked Paths
  • Item Stacking
  • Adjusting Floor height
  • Adjusting Ceiling height
  • Adjusting Lighting

Rooms in a Base Edit

See: Base Rooms

Once a base is constructed, a character with Base Editing rights may add rooms to it. The number of rooms you can add depends upon the plot size, room size, and Prestige available. Supergroups start with an 8x8 Tiny Hidden Spot, but this plot size can be increased at considerable cost. Plots come in two types: Hidden and Secure. As far as we know, the only difference is that a Secure plot can have secondary Power and Control sources for the base as well as additional backup Battery Base Items.

Base Rooms are capable of housing specific Base Items. For instance, you have to have an Energy room if you want to have a generator, and you must have a Control room in order to generate control. Each type must be placed in the appropriate Base Room in order to function. Both energy and control are necessary to build and run any of the cool toys in a base. Without them, your base is largely decorative.

Some rooms can house Defensive Base Items in addition to Energy, Control, Medical, Teleportation, or WorkTable items. Some rooms can also have backup batteries should the Base's main power sources become disabled during a PvP raid.

See Base Rooms for completed comprehensive listings of Rooms and details.

One of the first things that any supergroup wants is a worktable in order to be able to build usable Teleportation Telepads and other Base Items. Here is an enumeration of the prestige cost for building, controlling, and powering a worktable.

    Energy Terminal              150,000
    Control Room                 100,000
    Workshop                     100,000
    Generator                    225,000
    Mainframe                    150,000
    Basic Worktable               25,000
  Total                          750,000

Item Costs Edit

See: Base Items

Here is a list of the functional items in a base, and how much they cost. Note that there are more advanced and powerful items you can get for a base, but they must be crafted on a worktable. Negative numbers mean that an item produces that commodity instead of using it.

Tech Power

                    Prestige    Energy  Control    Aux
    Basic Generator  225000     -1000       0        2 
    Circuit Breaker   50000      -150       0        -

Arcane Power

     Need information on this 

Tech Control

    MainFrame        150000        50     -50        9
    Database         106000       100     -50        -
    Terminal          30000        10     -10        -
    Corner Terminal   32000        15     -20        -

Arcane Control

    Need name        150000      50     -50        9
    Bookcase         106000       100     -50        -

Work tables

    Basic             25000        20      10        1
    Advanced          50000        50      25        1
    Expert           100000       200     100        1


    Raid Teleporter   75000       80       15        -

Tech Medical

    Basic Reclaimator 10000       50       25        2

Arcane Medical

  Ressurection Circle 10000       50       25        2
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