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OK: my notes on The Family:

The Family mobs deal mostly Smash ot Lethal damage (with the exception of Consiglieres), which is well resisted by Tankers. Besides they have almost no attacks with status effects, so this faction usually causes no trouble: there are no secrets to defeat them. You can find Family mobs mostly in Independence Port (all over the place) and in Striga (Port Noble). Out of there they are a rare sight. The Family spawn range in CoH is 20 - 30. You can see rarely Family mobs in the Hollows or Steel Canyon out of those levels. In CoV, I couldn´t say: 5 - 15 or perhaps 5 - 20, but that´s just an estimation.

  • Marcones Only spawn in CoV, and have their own story. They are much more complete than their CoH counterparts, since these have both ranged and melee attacks, and no few Knockdowns. Besides, their lower cap is much lower than in CoH. This means that your char is less developed to deal with them and has less Defense powers to rely on. Add to that the fact that the CoV ATs aren´t Defense-oriented and the experience can be different than the one you had in CoH with them.
  • Bosses can be troublesome. They both have the same apperance but very different powers: Consiglieres are dangerous for the soloists because of their Hold, if your AT is not status-protected. Check the kind of mob you are attacking, have one or two Break Free inspirations on you before engaging if possible. Both Consiglieres and Underbosses have good damage output in Melee attacks.
  • Changes: There was a time when the Family bosses were even easier, because they had no Grenade attack (they gained it in I2). Their classic, stylish, Tommy Guns haven´t been always there, either: they were given to them in I3. (this caused some minor alterations in their powersets) Until then, they had been armed with assault rifles and submachineguns, like any common Crey thug =P

--Yakovlev 10:18, 26 Jan 2006 (CST)

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