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Taunt is a game mechanic that is used to hold or draw aggro onto you. Most often used by Tankers and Brutes, it is available to any Archetype.


The following is a list of powers that cause Taunt, as of Issue 12:

In addition, attacks from a Tanker's secondary or a Brute's primary will also Taunt.


Taunt works by multiplying the Threat generated by attacks, with the multiplier dependent on the AT in question, the duration of the Taunt, and the character's proximity to the enemy. Recently[1] Castle create a thread revealing this fact, as opposed to the commonly accepted explanation (and description in the game documentation) that Taunt simply overrode all Threat.

The Taunt power (and Confront, Calling of the Wolf, Warrior's Challenge, Challenge, and Provoke) counts as an attack, so that hate may be gained with just the damage-less Taunt. Attacks made after the Taunt is applied have their Threat multiplied by 1,000 * Duration (where Duration is the duration of the Taunt effect).

AT modifiers, damage dealt, and proximity to the enemy affect the amount of Threat generated. While a Tanker or Brute should normally be able to build Threat much faster than any other Archetype (especially with the help of the Taunt in all of their attacks), Castle's post was prompted by Issue 11 testing with a Tanker using Taunt that was unable to pull enemies away from a Willpower Scrapper using Rise to the Challenge. The combination of the Scrapper's enemy proximity, pulsing Taunt, and constant damage far outdid the ranged Taunt by the Tanker. After further testing, Ghost Widow followed the code logic to discover that the game's internal documentation on the subject (supporting the "Taunt overrides Threat" argument) was incorrect.

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