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Overview Edit

Originicon technology

You derive your powers from technological devices, from suits of high-tech body armor to powerful energy weapons. Few have been able to duplicate the amazing technology which lies behind your gadgets. You need not be a brilliant inventor; you may have acquired these items from another source. This origin will give you access to Taser Dart. This attack has a very short range and does minor Energy damage. In addition it has a small chance to Hold your opponent for a brief moment.

Initial Contacts Edit

Most heroes of technology origin will begin their adventures in Paragon City by contacting DATA, an organization that specializes in working with heroes of technological origin. Heroes of a technology origin will have either Rick Davies in Atlas Park or Caitlin Murray in Galaxy City as their initial contact, depending on which zone he or she selects as his or her beginning zone.

Origin does not affect the initial contact of villains.

Enhancements Edit

Heroes and villains of technology origin may only use technology dual-origin or single-origin enhancements. Villains normally obtain technology-origin enhancements from the Technology Quartermasters. Some lower-level contacts also sell technology-origin enhancements, but at an inflated cost.

The Taser Dart Power Edit

Technology heroes and villains receive the Taser Dart power.

Technology Origin Titles Edit

All heroes and villains have two opportunities to select titles for their character; once at level 15, and once at level 25. The second title is origin-specific.

Past Relevance Edit

In the beta version of City of Heroes, a hero's origin played a much bigger part of the game than it did upon the game's release.

Future Plans Edit

There has been wide speculation that in the future, there may be missions specific to a hero's or villain's origin; however, these reports are currently unconfirmed.

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