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* [{{#if: {{{ID|}}} |id={{{ID}}}|{{#if: {{{name|}}} |name={{{name}}}|name={{PAGENAMEE}}}}}} {{PAGENAME}}] at []

[edit] Documentation

A template that can be used to link to badge listings at

By default will use the article's PAGENAMEE (converts spaces to underscores and makes it URL friendly), however in the event that PAGENAMEE does not match what badge-hunter is using, can be replaced by the name parameter. As a last resort, should the name search feature at Badge-Hunter fail completely, the ID parameter can be used, however, this requires the page editor to verify the badge id at badge-hunter.

{{BadgeHunter Badge}}
{{BadgeHunter Badge|<name=Other_Badge_Name>}}
{{BadgeHunter Badge|<ID=0>}}

Please see Template talk:BadgeHunter Badge for troubleshooting info.