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The BaseItemBox template is used to provide quick and concise tabular information about a base item.


This infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article.



Note: * denotes required fields. Omit any field that is not appropriate to the item.

Parameter Explanation
name * Insert name of contact, preferably as appears in the target reticle.
image Insert * image (does not insert a suffix name). The image will be scaled to a width of 100px.
type The room restriction type for this item. Useful types: Startup, Energy,

Control, Workshop, Storage, Decorative, Energy Aux, Control Aux...

cost The cost in prestige for this item.
crafted If this item must be crafted by using another base item, that item name.
salvage Cost in salvage items to contruct this item, if any. (Often omitted.)
energy Energy produced by this item.
control Control produced by this item.
energy_used Energy consumed by this item.
control_used Control consumed by this item.
max_aux Maximum auxilliary connections permitted (if any).
aux Auxiliary items (if any) permitted to connect to this item.
attaches (If this is an auxilliary item) what this item can attach to.