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Infobox TF, Infobox SF, and Infobox Trial are used to provide quick and concise tabular information about a Task Force, Strike Force, or Trial.

At present, Infobox SF and Infobox Trial merely redirect to Infobox TF. However, when using for a Strike Force please use {{Infobox SF}} and when using for a Trial please use {{Infobox Trial}} in case any changes ever get made to differentiate the templates.


For ease of use, the following may be copied and pasted into an article:

{{Infobox TF


Parameter Explanation
name The name of TF, SF, or trial.
image An image to be used. Must be a full link, for example: [[Image:Example.jpg|100px]]
contact The contact that starts the TF, SF, or trial, if any.
zone The zone the contact appears in, if any.
x, y, z Insert the x, y, and z coordinates at which the contact appears. (If unknown, use question marks to emphasize that the information is needed: "?". If not applicable (for example, if the contact has been removed from the game), omit and the line won't appear.
size The allowed range of team or league size to start the TF, SF, or trial.
minlevel The minimum level characters must be to join the TF, SF, or trial.
combatlevel The combat level characters are set to for the TF, SF, or trial.
enemies Insert the enemy groups featured in the TF, SF, or trial, using the appropriate Enemy templates.
badge Insert the badge(s) rewarded by this TF, SF, or trial, with appropriate wikilinking. Separate multiples with <br />.