City of Heroes Wiki
Level New Powers Primary Power Available Secondary Power Available Pool Power Available Additional Slots Additional Inspirations Invention Salvage Slots Recipe Slots Consignment House Transaction Slots Off-character Storage Slots Other
1 1st & 2nd 1st & 2nd 1st     3 3 1 1 3 Brawl, Sprint, Origin Inherent Power
No debt for defeat
2 3rd 3rd 2nd     1 4   2 4 Rest
  • Leveling Chart
    • lvl (required)
    • new (optional, new powers available, both sets)
    • pri (optional, new powers available, primary set)
    • sec (optional, new powers available, secondary set)
    • pool (optional, new powers available, Pool powersets)
    • enh (optional, enhancement slots available)
    • insp (optional, inspiration slots available)
    • salvage (optional, invention salvage slots available (not related to base salvage))
    • recipe (optional, recipe slots available)
    • transact (optional, consignment house transaction slots available)
    • storage (optional, off-character storage slots)
    • other (all other changes as characters level up that don't fit into the items above)
    • bg (optional, a background color that will override the default; colors like #abcdef must be passed as bg=<nowiki>#</nowiki>abcdef or bg=&#58;abcdef )