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Protect Skyway City and stop the bank robbery


We've just learned that a villain from the Rogue Isles is going to attack Skyway City, intent on robbing the bank and causing mayhem! To make matters worse, the Lost are somehow connected to this, and have been swarming into the zone. Paragon City needs her heroes to get over to Skyway City and protect the city and the bank from that villain. The robbers have already struck, so you should head over there quick. You probably have about 5 minutes or less before they make their escape.

This is a Safeguard mission. Once you prevent the heist, you will have 15 minutes to explore the area and potentially earn extra rewards before the P.P.D. lock down the area. You can earn extra time by defeating villains, however you can lose time if they destroy too much of the city.

We know the Lost are central to what's happening, but we've also learned that the Trolls are going to hit the streets in force to take advantage of the chaos. Your main objective is still to stop the Lost and the villain before they ruin the city and get into the bank, but stopping other villains from causing trouble would also be a great help.

Periodically, vandals will arrive to destroy parts of the city. You will see a message when they arrive, and their locations will be displayed in your minimap.

Mission Objective(s)

This isn't going to be easy. The Trolls have alerted the Lost to your presence and are planning to stop you from interfering in the bank robbery. The Lost are roaming around causing mayhem and preparing themselves for the attack on the bank vault.

  • Protect Skyway City bank
    • Stop the Bank Robbery

You saved Skyway City!


Badge villain lost.png The Lost
Badge villain trolls.png Trolls

Possible Villains

Side Missions

Keys for side missions can be found by defeating Lost groups.

Arms Deal

Icon clue generic.png
Cargo Manifest
A cargo manifest that describes the details about a shipment of weapons the Trolls recently stole. You need to confiscate those weapons!


Icon clue generic.png
Fire Bombs
These are massive fire bombs the Lost were getting ready to use. They seem to only be ½ of a larger batch.


Icon clue generic.png
Fire Bombs
These are massive fire bombs the Lost were planting underneath the city. Defuse the rest of them before time runs out!!

Break In

Icon clue generic.png
Pawn Shop Ad
A ad showing a vast array of expensive products at Damico's Pawn Shop right now.


Icon clue generic.png
Wanted Poster
A wanted poster of Echidna. She's a vicious one, and if she sided with the Lost it could be bad for everyone. You should check into this.

Exploration Badge

Heroes can earn the Courage Driven Badge during this mission. Its coordinates are (-944.5, 0.3, -3443.0) (just at the door of the Weapons Deal side mission).

Badge tourist 01.png Courage Driven

The major highway that runs alongside this warehouse is frequently used by the "Dyne-addled" Supa-Trolls.

Temporary Power:

Upon successful completion of this mission for the first time, a hero over level ? will earn the Resuscitation temporary power.

Temporary Mayhem SelfResurrect.png Resuscitation Self Rez, Debt Protection
If you are defeated, you may resuscitate yourself where you have fallen, rather than transport to the hospital or your base. After each use, you may not use this effect again for another hour. This effect lasts for 2 days of gameplay.


Great work! Skyway City is now a safer place thanks to you!