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{{Power|Power Name|icon=Power Icon.png
{{Archetype select}}
Short description from game
Long description from game
Enhancements allowed
"Real numbers" from game
Editor's notes}}

Parameters other than Power Name are optional.

If there are two or more collapsible elements on a page, this template will be collapsed by default, showing only the power icon, power name, short description, archetype icons, and the link to show the rest.

If there is only one collapsible element on the page, this template will display in full by default, with a link to hide the bottom part.

Old format

{{Power|[[Image:Icon.png]]|Power name|Short desc in game|Long desc in game}}

This old format is deprecated, but supported for old pages that still use it.

Two differences to note when using the old format:

  • This format requires a full link to the icon, not just the icon filename.
  • The power name does not link to the power article, since this usually results in red links.

You can also add "archetypes=", "enhancements=", "effects=", and "notes=", which will work the same as they do in the new format.