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Protect Talos Island bank


I have received information that a heist was planned in Talos Island by the Tsoo. I need your help in thwarting this attack! The Tsoo have been reported to be in the bank right now, so you whould head over there quick. You probably have about 5 minutes or less before they make their escape.

This is a Safeguard mission. Once you prevent the heist, you will have 15 minutes to explore the area and potentially earn extra rewards before the P.P.D. lock down the area. You can earn extra time by defeating villains, however you can lose time if they destroy too much of the city.

It gets worse. It seems that Arachnos has learned about the operation, and has decided to send teams into Talos Island to take advantage of the situation and sew terror on their own. While your main goal is to stop the villain and the robbery, the more of any villain group you defeat, the more help you'll be to the P.P.D.

Periodically, vandals will arrive to destroy parts of the city. You will see a message when they arrive, and their locations will be displayed in your minimap.

Mission Objective(s)

Arachnos squad are everywhere, and the Tsoo appearing to be standing guard at key sites, and trashing other areas. People are terrified, and right now you may be the city's only hope

  • Protect Talos Island bank

You saved Talos Island!!


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
Badge villain tsoo.png Tsoo
Badge villain freakshow.png Freakshow

Possible Villains

Side Missions

Keys for side missions can be found by defeating Tsoo groups.

Arms Deal

Icon clue generic.png
Shady Dealings
A cargo manifest that details a shady arms shipment and where it is stored. Go and grab the evidence!


Icon clue generic.png
Fire Bombs
These are massive fire bombs the Tsoo were going to set in a nearby building. Disarm the bombs!


Icon clue generic.png
Fire Bombs
These are massive fire bombs the Tsoo were planting underneath the city. Find and defuse the rest of them!!

Break In

Icon clue generic.png
Diamond Ad
A fancy ad showing all the expensive products in the store.


Icon clue generic.png
Wanted Poster
A wanted poster of Hollow Point. That gun crazy maniac doesen't care who's in his line of fire. You'd better check into this.

Exploration Badge

Heroes can earn the Talos' Might Badge during this mission. Its coordinates are (-1451.5, 160, 6740).

Badge tourist 01.png Talos' Might

Years ago, Rularuu tore down the barriers between our dimensions and sent one of many invasion forces to this block. Heroes from all over fought back the invaders.

Temporary Power

Upon successful completion of this mission for the first time, a hero will earn the Endurance Increase temporary power.

Temporary Mayhem SelfBuffEnd.png Endurance Increase Self Auto: +Max Endurance
Your maximum Endurance is increased slightly. This effect lasts for 3 days of gameplay.


Excellent work! You have prevented the villains from causing mayhem in Talos Island!