Overview Edit

Temporary powers are powers that a hero or villain may only use for a short time. The three main types of temporary powers are powers that last for a designated amount of time, a designated amount of uses, or until a specific action is accomplished. Some temporary powers may fall into more than one category; for example, powers that run out when either a specific action is accomplished or a certain amount of time, whichever is sooner.

  • Ouroboros Temporary powers denoted by this icon can be obtained an unlimited number of times via Ouroboros flashbacks, and remain for some time after the flashback is over.
  • Ouroboros faded Temporary powers denoted by this icon can also be obtained via Ouroboros flashbacks. If the power has already been obtained once, however, a more limited version (an "echo") of the power is awarded instead.
  • Exclaimation2 Be careful, these powers can be lost when you speak to the contact from which you received them again. Even though they appear to have a certain number of uses remaining, the power will be lost and you cannot regain them.

City of Heroes Powers Edit

Temporary WarWolfWhistle Amy's Ward (TF 30-34)
Temporary AntigravityMatrix Antigravity Matrix (Contact 20-24)
Temporary WeddingBand Arachnos Disguise Ouroboros (Faultline Contact 20-24)
Temp Ranged Moderate Bow and Arrow Ouroboros (Croatoa Contact 25-29)
Temporary WarWolfWhistle Clockwork Connection Ouroboros (Faultline Contact 15-19)
Temporary GeneticRestabilizer Clockwork Immobilizer MkI
Temporary GeneticRestabilizer Clockwork Immobilizer MkII
Temporary GeneticRestabilizer Clockwork Immobilizer MkIII
Temporary GeneticRestabilizer Clockwork Immobilizer MkIV
Temporary ConfiscatedBeanbag Confiscated Beanbag Ouroboros (Contact 20-24)
Temporary CreyNarcotic Crey Narcotic (Contact 40-44)
Temporary CryoniteArmor Cryonite Armor (Contact 20-24)
Temporary LethargyInducer Cryoprojection Bracers (Contact 10-14)
Temp Ranged Heavy Divining Rod Ouroboros (Croatoa Contact 25-29)
Temporary ElectromagneticGrenades Electromagnetic Grenades Ouroboros (Striga Isle Contact 25-29)
Temporary EMPGlove EMP Glove Exclaimation2 (Contact 10-14)
Temporary CenterOfTheWheel Empowered Center of the Wheel Ouroboros (Contact 20-24)

Temporary LinchpinOfTheWheel Empowered Linchpin of the Wheel Ouroboros (Contact 20-24)
Temporary PieceOfTheWheel Empowered Piece of the Wheel Ouroboros (Contact 20-24)
Temporary ShardOfTheWheel Empowered Shard of the Wheel Ouroboros (Contact 20-24)
Temporary RangeLightDamage Extinguisher (Steel Canyon zone event)
Temporary FetteringNimbus Fettering Nimbus Exclaimation2 (Contact 45-50)
Temporary FlashbangGrenades Flashbang GrenadesExclaimation2 (Contact 5-9)
Temporary FreakshowDisguise Freakshow Disguise Exclaimation2 (Contact 20-24)
Temporary GeometricGauntlets Geometric Gauntlets Exclaimation2 (Contact 20-24)
Temporary GeneticRestabilizer Genetic Restabilizer (Contact 20-24)
Temporary ScrollofRuin Hamidon Essence (TF 45-50)
Temporary HolyShotgunShells Holy Shotgun Shells Ouroboros (Striga Isle Contact 25-29)
Temporary MedKit Idol of Lughebu (Contact 20-24)
Temp Melee Heavy Iron Blade Ouroboros (Croatoa Contact 30-34)
Temp Ranged Moderate Large Extinguisher (Steel Canyon zone event)
Temporary LethargyInducer Lethargy Inducer Exclaimation2 (Contact 15-19)
Temporary ManifoldResonator Manifold ResonatorExclaimation2 (Contact 25-29)
Temporary MedKit Med Kit (Contact 15-19)

Temporary NemesisStaff Nemesis Staff (Contact 30-34)
Temporary NictusFragment Nictus Fragment (TF 23-28)
Temporary EMPGlove Particle Cannon (Contact 38-40)
Temporary PlasmaticTaser Plasmatic TaserExclaimation2 (Contact 15-19)
Temporary ScrollofRuin Power of the Thorn (TF 45-50)
Temporary EMPGlove Psychic Cleaver (Contact 40-44)
ForceField RefractionShield Radiation Shield (Respec Trial)
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Resonance Disrupter (Contact 25-29)
Temporary RingofPain Ring of Pain (Contact 15-19)
Temp Ranged Heavy Rune of Warding Ouroboros (Croatoa Contact 25-29)
Temporary SandsOfMu Sands of Mu (Contact 25-29)
Temporary ScrollofRuin Scroll of Ruin (Contact 15-19)
Temporary ConeRangeModerateDamage Thermite Cannon (Contact 38-40)
Temporary UndeadSlayingAxe Undead Slaying Axe Ouroboros (Contact 25-29)
Temporary VahzilokDiseaseSL3 Vahzilok Wasting Disease (Contact 15-19)
Temporary WarWolfWhistle Warwolf Whistle Ouroboros faded (Striga Isle Contact 25-29)
Temporary WaveScrambler Wave Scrambler Exclaimation2 (Contact 15-19)
Temporary WeddingBand Wedding Band Ouroboros faded (Striga Isle Contact 20-24)

City of Villains Powers Edit

Temporary WarWolfWhistle Arachnos Combat Radio (Contact 40-50)
Temp Ranged Heavy Arachnoid Gas Ouroboros (Contact 40-44)
Temporary SelfBuffDefense Arachnos Power Shield Ouroboros (Contact 40-44)
Temporary ConeRangeModerateDamage Arachnos Shotgun Ouroboros (Contact 40-44)
Temporary RangeHeavyDamage Blackwand Ouroboros (Contact 25-29)
Temporary WarWolfWhistle Coral Amulet (TF 25-30)
Temp Melee Moderate Coral Hammer (TF 25-30)
Temporary ConeRangeModerateDamage Coral Shards (TF 25-30)
Temporary WarWolfWhistle Creeper Seed Ouroboros faded (Contact 45-50)
Temporary WarWolfWhistle Demon Box (Contact 30-34)
Temporary Warburg MegaBuff Enchantment of Serafina (TF 35-40)
Temporary TargetedPBAoEConfuse Force of the Earth Ouroboros (Contact 45-50)
Inherent BlasterDesperation Frenzy Mutagen (Contact 40-44)

Temporary GhostlayerBomb Ghostslayer Bomb Ouroboros (Contacts 10-14 and 40-44)
Temporary PieceOfTheWheel Ghostslayer Rifle Ouroboros (Contacts 10-14 and 40-44)
Temporary AntigravityMatrix Goldbricker Rocket Pack (Contact 15-19)
Temporary ScrollofRuin Hamidon Essence (SF 45-50)
Temp Melee Moderate Infected Anti-Serum Ouroboros faded (Contact 5-9)
Temporary FreakshowDisguise Holographic Projector (Contact 20-24)
Temporary WarWolfWhistle Loa Bone Ouroboros (Contact 5-9)
Temporary CryoniteArmor Nictus Absorption (Contact 10-14)
Temporary ConeRangeModerateDamage Nictus Gravitic Emanation (Contact 10-14)
Temporary ManifoldResonator Nictus Shadow Step (Contact 10-14)
Temporary PieceOfTheWheel Nullifier Gun Prototype (Contact 25-29)
Temporary PieceOfTheWheel Nullifier Gun Mk I Ouroboros faded (Contact 25-29)
Temporary ScrollofRuin Orestes Rifle (SF 45-50)

Temp Melee Moderate Psionic Activator Ouroboros (Contact 30-34)
Temporary WarWolfWhistle Rikti Drone Ouroboros (Contact 40-44)
Temporary RangeModerateDamage Rikti Rifle Ouroboros (Contact 40-44)
Temporary AntigravityMatrix Sky Raider Flight Pack Ouroboros (Contact 20-24)
Temporary ConfiscatedBeanbag SNAKE-B-GONE (Grandville Contact 45-50)
Temporary CreyNarcotic Soul Essence (Contact 25-29)
Temporary RangeHeavyDamage Soul Trap Ouroboros (Contact 35-40)
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Spirit Potion (Contact 25-29)
Temporary RangeModerateDamage Stolen SMG (Contacts 20-24, TF 25-29)
Temporary WarWolfWhistle Summoning Amulet Ouroboros (Contact 5-9)
Temporary LethargyInducer Tranquilizer Darts (Contact 45-50)
Temporary WarWolfWhistle Vial of Bees Ouroboros faded (Contact 45-50)
Temp Ranged Moderate Void Hunter Rifle Ouroboros (Contact 30-34)

Invention Powers Edit

There are five powers that can be created using the invention system.

Temp Melee Heavy St. Louis Slammer
Temp Melee Heavy Gabriel's Hammer
Temporary RangeLightDamage Revolver
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Ethereal Shift

Mission Related Edit

Temporary MedKit The Lost Cure Exclaimation2 (Heroes only)

The Lost Cure is also awarded to anyone who is teamed up with the Craft Lost Cure Mission Owner at the time said mission owner crafts the cure. Those who get the wand this way do not lose it as long as they don't use it up.

Additionally, villains can also get the wand this way. Be teamed up in Cimerora, the Rikti War Zone, or in a co-op mission with a hero who has the mission. Summon a portable workbench, then the hero crafts the wand and the villain gets one as well. This will not work in Pocket D however (inside a DJ Zero mission will work, and possibly in the Winter Event Ski Chalet), but in the D itself, crafting from a portable workbench does not work.

Arena Powers Edit

There are six powers that can be purchased at the arena stores, each costing 10,000 influnce. These powers can only be used within the arena.

Temporary ManifoldResonator Jaunt Initializer
Temporary JumpPack Low-G Pack
Temporary AntigravityMatrix Raptor Pack
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Stealth Suit
Temporary ChromaticGrenades Stun Grenade
Temporary FetteringNimbus Web Grenade

Special Event Powers Edit

Temporary powers found during Special Events

Halloween Events Edit

Temp Melee Moderate Rock
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Banished Pantheon Shaman Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Cage Consortium Guard Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Carnival Harlequin Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Carnival Strongman
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Coralax Minion Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Council Galaxy Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Council Penumbra Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Crey Agent Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Crey Power Suit Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Crey Security Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Freakshow Boss Costume

Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Freakshow Stunner Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Goldbricker Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Hellion Thug Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Knives of Artemis Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Legacy Chain Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Lost Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Malta Gunslinger Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Malta Operative Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Nemesis Soldier Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Outcast Thug Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Paragon Protector Costume

Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Pirate Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter PPD Cop Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter PPD Hardsuit Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter PPD Swat Officer Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Scrapyarder Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Skulls Thug Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Sky Raiders Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Troll Ogre Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Tsoo Inkman Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Vahzilok Eidolon Costume
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Warrior Thug Costume

Valentine's Day Events Edit

Temporary TargetedBuffDamage Drop of Power
Temporary TargetedBuffDefense Drop of Resistance
Temporary TargetedHeal Drop of Vitality
Temporary TargetedPBAoEConfuse Nectar

Winter Events Edit

Temporary AntigravityMatrix Holiday Rocket Pack
Temporary WarWolfWhistle Build Snow Beast
Inherent Brawl Snowball
Temporary TearGas Golden Rings
Temporary Mayhem SelfResurrect Renewal of Light

Rikti Invasion Event Edit

DarkMiasma TarPatch Debt Prot 100

Developer Powers Edit

Inherent Brawl Power Suppression
Inherent Brawl The I Win Button

Player vs. Player Zone Powers Edit

Bloody Bay Edit

Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Hyper Stealth
Temporary OreExtractor Ore Extractor
Temporary WarWolfWhistle Shivan Shard

Siren's Call Edit

Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Combat Invisibility

Heroes and Villains may buy a selection of temporary powers for 10,000 influence/infamy each if their side is in control of the zone.

These powers may be purchased by both Heroes and Villains:
Temporary EMPGlove EMP Glove
Temporary ManifoldResonator Jaunt Initializer
Temporary JumpPack Low-G Pack
Temporary AntigravityMatrix Raptor Pack
Temporary FetteringNimbus Web Grenade
These powers are only available to Heroes, and only when they have won zone control twice in a row:
Temporary CryoniteArmor Cryonite Armor
Temporary WeddingBand IR Goggles
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Stealth Suit
Temporary ChromaticGrenades Stun Grenade
These powers are only available to Villains, and only when they have won zone control twice in a row:
Temporary MeleeModerateDamage Arachnos Mace
Temporary SelfBuffDefense Kinetic Shield
Temporary RangeAoEBlind Smoke Bomb
Temporary RangeAoEModerateDamage Venom Grenades

Warburg Edit

Temporary Warburg MegaBuff Biological Mutagens
Temporary Warburg DebuffDefense Chemical Burn
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Hyper Phase
Temporary Warburg MassiveDamage Nuclear Blast

Recluse's Victory Edit

Temporary WarWolfWhistle Longbow Mech
Temporary WarWolfWhistle Arachnos Mini Blaster

Co-operation Zone Powers Edit

Rikti War Zone Edit

These temporary powers can be purchased at a Vanguard Crafting Table in the Rikti War Zone for Vanguard Merits.

Ninjitsu Caltrops Debt Prot 50
Temporary MedKit Nectanebo's Curse Breaker
Temporary WarWolfWhistle Vanguard Heavy Power Core
Temporary SelfBuffDefense Vanguard Psionic Shield
Temporary RangeHeavyDamage Vanguard Psi-Bomb

Mayhem and Safeguard Missions Powers Edit

Temporary powers granted during Mayhem and Safeguard missions

Completion Rewards Edit

Temporary Mayhem SelfFlight Levels 5-10: Raptor Pack (instanced Atlas Park map)
Temporary Mayhem SelfFlight Level 10-15: Zero-G Pack (instanced Kings Row map)
Temporary Mayhem SelfResurrect Level 15-20: Resuscitation (instanced Skyway City map)
Temporary Mayhem TargetAoETeleportTeamToCaster Level 20-25: Summon Teammates (instanced Steel Canyon map)
Temporary Mayhem SelfBuffSpeed Level 25-30: Movement Increase (instanced Independence Port map)
Temporary Mayhem SelfBuffEnd Level 30-35: Endurance Increase (instanced Talos Island map)
Temporary Mayhem SelfHeal Level 35-40: Health Increase (instanced Brickstown map)
Temporary Mayhem SelfDebtProtection Level 40-45: Life Insurance (instanced Founder's Falls map)
Temporary Mayhem SelfBuffRegen Level 45-50: Regeneration Increase (instanced Peregrine Island map)

Weapon Raid Side Mission Rewards Edit

These Temporary Powers are awarded for foiling the arms dealers during Weapon Raid Missions within Safeguard and Mayhem zones.

Temp Melee Heavy Claymore
Temporary CryoniteArmor Cryonite Armor
Temporary LethargyInducer Cryoprojection Bracers
Temporary EMPGlove Electromagnetic Grenades
Temporary EMPGlove EMP Glove
Temporary ConeRangeModerateDamage Flamethrower
Temporary RangeLightDamage Heavy Rock
Temporary WeddingBand IR Goggles
Temporary SelfBuffDefense Kinetic Shield
Temporary RangeModerateDamage Long Bow
Temporary MedKit Med Kit
Temporary PlasmaticTaser Plasmatic Taser
Temp Ranged Moderate Shotgun
Temporary RangeAoEBlind Smoke Bomb
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Stealth Suit
Temporary ChromaticGrenades Stun Grenade
Temporary TearGas Tear Gas
Temporary HolyShotgunShells Wave Scrambler
Temporary FetteringNimbus Web Grenade

Other Powers Edit

Temporary VahzilokDiseaseSL3 Challenge Debuff
Teleportation Teleport Dampening Field
Temporary RangeAoEBlind Negative Stealth
DarkMiasma DarkestNight Spectral Chill

Market Teleport Powers Edit

Teleportation Wentworths Consignment House Transporter
Teleportation Blackmarket Black Market Transporter
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