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The Abyss
Map TheAbyss.jpg

Villain Trial Zone (45-50)

Trainers: none
TF Contacts: none
Events: Hamidon
Exploration Badges: Geneticist, Reborn
Plaques: none
Enemies: Devouring Earth
Connecting Zones: Grandville
Transits: none
The Abyss at


The Abyss is a Trial zone in City of Villains. A villain needs to be at least level 45 to enter.

Exploration Badges[]

V badge TourismBadge.png Geneticist

You have visited the infamous 'Site C', where genetic experiments took place before the Devouring Earth took over the Abyss.

V badge TourismBadge.png Reborn

You have located where the Devouring Earth have attempted to bring forth the Hamidon outside of the prying eyes of Paragon City.

Transfer Points[]

There is only one entrance to The Abyss. It is accessed via the Smuggler's Submarine just west of the Rogue Isle Ferry in Grandville.

Villain Groups[]

The Abyss is completely under control of the Devouring Earth. In the center of a watery bowl-shaped area in the north, you can find Hamidon, surrounded by its mitochondria. When Hamidon occupies its spot, it is the only enemy in the entire zone. If Hamidon is not present, Thorn, Stropharia, Lattice, and Quarry monsters roam throughout the zone. Defeating the monsters will earn a villain Essence of the Earth inspirations.


For the movie-goers amongst us, the whole area of The Abyss, especially around the buildings with the Geneticist badge, are inspired by the movie, Jurrasic Park.


Like Terra Volta, this zone can present immense difficulties for Villains whose only Travel Power is Super Speed. The bowl shaped area around the Reborn Badge (more like a crater!) is very deep and there are only limited natural rock ramps that lead back to the top. For a 3-D travel power this is no issue, but if Hamidon is not present, i.e. there are Monsters still in the zone, then there is no way of getting out of the crater by Super Speed apart from the ramps, since there are no other enemies in the crater and you can't die from falling...